Register May 2022 No. 797
Chapter NR 1
NR 1.01   Management of fisheries and aquatic resources.
NR 1.015   Management of wildlife, preamble.
NR 1.02   Inland fisheries management.
NR 1.03   Mississippi river fisheries management.
NR 1.04   Great Lakes fishery management.
NR 1.05   Identification of areas of special natural resource interest.
NR 1.06   Identification of public rights features.
NR 1.07   Identification of priority navigable waterways.
NR 1.11   Wildlife management.
NR 1.12   Migratory game birds.
NR 1.13   Small game mammals.
NR 1.14   Upland game birds.
NR 1.15   Big game mammals.
NR 1.16   Furbearers.
NR 1.17   Nongame wildlife.
NR 1.18   Captive birds and mammals.
NR 1.20   Growing trees and shrubs.
NR 1.21   Private forestry assistance.
NR 1.211   Cooperative forestry policy.
NR 1.212   Private forestry priorities for assistance.
NR 1.213   Cooperating forester program.
NR 1.22   Establishment of coniferous plantations.
NR 1.23   Fire control cooperation.
NR 1.24   Management of state and county forests.
NR 1.25   Generally accepted forestry management practices.
NR 1.26   Contracting with cooperating foresters for timber sale establishment.
NR 1.27   Contracting with cooperating foresters and private contractors for regeneration services.
NR 1.29   Ice Age and North Country trails.
NR 1.30   State park system.
NR 1.31   State-owned islands.
NR 1.32   Natural areas and scientific areas.
NR 1.33   Policy on rock climbing.
NR 1.40   Acquisition of recreational land.
NR 1.41   Land acquisition authorization.
NR 1.415   Policy on redesignation of department land uses.
NR 1.42   Acquisition of state forest land.
NR 1.43   Acquisition of fish and game lands adjacent to water.
NR 1.44   Cooperation with county, town and municipal boards on land acquisition.
NR 1.445   County board approval of land purchase.
NR 1.45   Disposition of state forest lands.
NR 1.46   Disposition of state fish and game lands.
NR 1.47   Disposition of state park lands.
NR 1.48   Leasing department lands.
NR 1.483   Leasing department tower sites for telecommunications systems.
NR 1.485   Granting easements.
NR 1.49   Trespass.
NR 1.50   Policy on issuance of environmental pollution orders.
NR 1.51   Management of state wildlife areas.
NR 1.52   Policy on promulgation of environmental quality standards.
NR 1.60   Master planning for department land.
NR 1.61   Public use of department land.
NR 1.70   Policy on education.
NR 1.71   Policy on friends groups.
NR 1.90   Public access policy for waterways.
NR 1.91   Public boating access standards.
NR 1.92   Abandonment of access.
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