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Register September 2023 No. 813
Chapter NR 10
Subchapter I — General Provisions
NR 10.001   Definitions.
NR 10.01   Open and closed seasons.
NR 10.02   Protected wild animals.
NR 10.04   Unprotected wild animals.
NR 10.05   Highways.
NR 10.06   Shooting hours.
NR 10.07   General hunting.
NR 10.08   Possession and transportation of game.
NR 10.085   Tagging of game.
NR 10.086   Registration of game.
NR 10.087   Certification of game.
NR 10.09   Weapons and ammunition.
NR 10.10   Deer and bear hunting.
NR 10.101   Bear hunting.
NR 10.102   Bear hunting quota and license issuance.
NR 10.103   Deer hunting.
NR 10.104   Deer population management.
NR 10.105   Transportation of bear, deer, and other members of the cervid family.
NR 10.106   Registration.
NR 10.11   Elk hunting.
NR 10.111   Elk population management.
NR 10.12   Migratory game bird hunting.
NR 10.125   Canada goose hunting.
NR 10.13   Furbearing animals.
NR 10.145   Bobcat, fisher, and otter.
NR 10.15   Horicon national wildlife refuge.
NR 10.16   Necedah national wildlife refuge, Juneau county.
NR 10.20   Wolf management zones.
NR 10.22   Sandhill wildlife demonstration area, Wood county.
NR 10.24   Bong state recreation area hunting zone.
NR 10.25   Wild turkey hunting.
NR 10.26   Sharp-tailed grouse hunting.
NR 10.275   State park trapping, small game and migratory game bird hunting.
NR 10.28   Deer population management units.
NR 10.285   Game management units.
NR 10.29   Wild turkey hunting zones.
NR 10.30   Black bear hunting zones.
NR 10.31   Canada goose management zones.
NR 10.32   Migratory game bird hunting zones.
NR 10.33   Ruffed grouse management zones.
NR 10.34   Bobcat hunting and trapping zones.
NR 10.35   Beaver management zones.
NR 10.36   Otter zones.
NR 10.37   Elk management zones.
NR 10.38   Fisher zones.
NR 10.39   Mink and muskrat zones.
NR 10.40   Disabled hunters; special hunt authorizations.
NR 10.41   Wildlife disease management.
NR 10.42   Official state duties.
Subchapter II — Deer Management Assistance Program
NR 10.70   Purpose.
NR 10.71   Definitions.
NR 10.72   Deer management assistance program levels.
NR 10.73   Fees.
NR 10.74   Ineligibility and penalties.
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