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Register March 2018 No. 747
Chapter NR 12
Subchapter I — Wildlife Abatement Program
NR 12.001   Definitions.
NR 12.01   Purpose.
NR 12.05   Birds causing depredation.
NR 12.06   CWD-affected area deer removal permits.
NR 12.10   Authorization to remove wild animals causing damage or nuisance.
NR 12.15   Conditions of permits to shoot or trap wild animals causing damage.
NR 12.16   Conditions of permits to shoot deer causing damage.
NR 12.17   Conditions of permits to shoot Canada geese causing damage.
Subchapter II — Wildlife Damage
NR 12.30   Purpose.
NR 12.31   Definitions.
NR 12.32   County application.
NR 12.33   WDACP technical manual.
NR 12.34   Administrative and abatement costs and fund advancement to counties.
NR 12.35   Wildlife damage abatement.
NR 12.36   Open hunting access requirement.
NR 12.37   Wildlife damage claims.
NR 12.38   Woven-wire and electric barrier fence construction.
NR 12.39   County recordkeeping.
NR 12.40   Termination.
NR 12.41   Permits to hunt Canada geese causing agricultural damage.
Subchapter III — Endangered/Threatened Wildlife and Gray Wolf Damage
NR 12.50   Purpose.
NR 12.51   Applicability.
NR 12.52   Definitions.
NR 12.53   Depredation verification procedures.
NR 12.54   Depredation reimbursement procedures.
NR 12.55   Personal property.
Ch. NR 12 Note Note: Corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, January, 1999, No. 517.
subch. I of ch. NR 12 Subchapter I — Wildlife Abatement Program
NR 12.001 NR 12.001Definitions.
NR 12.001(1) (1) “ Contiguous land" means lands under the same ownership which are connected to lands on which wildlife are causing damage including lands separated by a roadway, easement, license or waterway.
NR 12.001(2)(a)(a) “Lands suitable for hunting deer" has the meaning given in s. NR 12.31 (4e).
NR 12.001(2)(b) (b) “Lands suitable for hunting or trapping" means lands where the conduct of hunting or trapping is not likely to result in a violation under ss. 29.301 (1), 167.30, 167.31 and 941.20 (1) (d), Stats., or damage to buildings and where it is probable an animal causing damage may be harvested.
NR 12.001 Note Note: Sections 29.301 (1), 167.30, 167.31 and 941.20 (1) (d), Stats., concern shooting near hospitals, schools, sanatoriums, parks, buildings and highways.
NR 12.001(3) (3) “Landowner" means any person over 18 years of age and any partnership, firm or corporation that holds title to land whether or not this land is subject to easement, mortgage, lien, lease or restrictive covenant, except that this term does not include any person who is under guardianship, a person who is incompetent or a person who is mentally ill. A person, partnership, firm or corporation is deemed to hold title to land if the person, partnership, firm or corporation has any of the following:
NR 12.001(3)(a) (a) Title as sole owner.
NR 12.001(3)(b) (b) Title as a joint owner.
NR 12.001(3)(c) (c) Title as owner of an undivided interest.
NR 12.001(3)(d) (d) Title as sole or joint trustee or as sole or joint assignee.
NR 12.001(3)(e) (e) A land contract vendee's interest therein.
NR 12.001(4) (4) “Lessee" means any person possessing a written lease for use of land for the production of commercial seedlings, crops, orchard trees, Christmas trees, nursery stock, honey, and livestock.
NR 12.001(5) (5) “Management unit" and “hunting zone" mean those management units established for deer in s. NR 10.28, elk in s. NR 10.37 and those management zones established in ss. NR 10.30 and 10.31 for bear and Canada geese.
NR 12.001(6) (6) “Municipality" means a county, city, village or town.
NR 12.001(7) (7) “Participant" means any hunter or trapper authorized by the permittee, in writing, to assist the permittee in removing wild animals causing damage or nuisance.
NR 12.001(8) (8) “Permanent barrier fence" means a fence erected for year-round protection from white-tailed deer and elk that meets the specifications in s. NR 16.45 (1), authorized under s. NR 16.45 (4) or adopted by a county participating under s. 29.889, Stats.
NR 12.001(9) (9) “Permittee" means any person or municipality issued a permit by the department to remove or destroy wild animals causing damage or nuisance.
NR 12.001(10) (10) “USFWS" means the United States department of the interior, fish and wildlife service.
NR 12.001 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1990, No. 413, eff. 6-1-90; renum. (6) and (7) to be (8) and (10), cr. (6), (7) and (9), Register, May, 1994, No. 461, eff. 6-1-94; renum. (2) to be (2) (b) and cr. (2) (a), Register, January, 1999, No. 517, eff. 2-1-99; CR 03-018: am. (5) and (8) Register December 2003 No. 576, eff. 1-1-04; corrections made to (2) (a) under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register December 2003 No. 576.
NR 12.01 NR 12.01Purpose. This chapter is established to administer s. 29.885, Stats., relating to the removal of wild animals causing damage or nuisance.
NR 12.01 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1990, No. 413, eff. 6-1-90.
NR 12.05 NR 12.05Birds causing depredation.
NR 12.05(1) (1)Findings. The natural resources board finds that unlimited shooting or trapping of cowbirds, crows, grackles, house sparrows, monk parrots, starlings, and red-winged blackbirds is necessary when causing depredation.
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