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Register April 2024 No. 820
Chapter NR 19
Subchapter I — Miscellaneous
NR 19.001   Definitions.
NR 19.01   Approval deadlines.
NR 19.02   Handling fees for certain approvals.
NR 19.025   Waivers for an educational outdoor skills activity.
NR 19.03   Control of muskrats on cranberry marshes.
NR 19.05   Release, importation and transportation of fish.
NR 19.055   Drainage of water from boats and equipment required.
NR 19.057   Bait dealer's wild harvest permit required; criteria; records required.
NR 19.0575   White sucker spawning permit required.
NR 19.058   Sport trolling.
NR 19.06   Fish nets and traps.
NR 19.07   Commercial fishing studies on inland, outlying, and boundary waters.
NR 19.09   Wild rice conservation.
NR 19.11   Scientific collectors permits and scientific research licenses.
NR 19.115   Fish, fur, game seals.
NR 19.12   Tagging the carcasses of wild animals, birds and fish taken on Indian reservations.
NR 19.13   Animals killed by motor vehicles.
NR 19.25   Wild animal protection.
NR 19.26   Season and restrictions for taking frogs.
NR 19.27   Seasons, limits, restrictions on taking crayfish.
NR 19.275   Turtles.
NR 19.28   Taxidermy.
NR 19.30   Criminal history checks; volunteer instructors.
NR 19.40   Department authority to void local hunting, fishing and trapping ordinances.
NR 19.50   All-terrain vehicle and bowhunter, snowmobile and hunter education program fee.
NR 19.51   Wisconsin cooperative trapper education program fee.
NR 19.60   Feeding of wild animals.
Subchapter II — Wildlife Rehabilitation
NR 19.70   Purpose.
NR 19.71   Definitions.
NR 19.72   General wildlife rehabilitation provisions.
NR 19.73   Licenses.
NR 19.74   Application.
NR 19.75   Examination.
NR 19.76   Facility inspection.
NR 19.77   Facility standards.
NR 19.78   Care and treatment of wildlife.
NR 19.79   Infectious disease reporting and response.
NR 19.80   Record keeping and reporting.
NR 19.81   Qualifications of sponsors.
NR 19.83   Additional conditions.
NR 19.84   Modifications.
NR 19.85   Disclaimer.
Subchapter III — Permitting the Use of Natural Bodies of Water as Fish Farms
NR 19.90   Purpose and applicability.
NR 19.91   Definitions.
NR 19.92   Natural body of water permit application fees.
NR 19.93   Applicant permit procedures for use of natural bodies of water for fish farms.
NR 19.94   Department determinations.
NR 19.95   Enforcement.
Ch. NR 19 Note Note: Corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, January, 1999, No. 517; CR 03-029: renum. NR 19.75 through 19.84 to be NR 12.30 through 12.41 Register December 2003 No. 576, eff. 1-1-04.
subch. I of ch. NR 19 Subchapter I — Miscellaneous
NR 19.001 NR 19.001Definitions.
NR 19.001(1)(1)“Active service", for purposes of s. 29.194, Stats., means full time employment as a member of the armed services and does not include annual summer training by members of the national guard or reserves.
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