Register July 2022 No. 799
Chapter NR 45
NR 45.01   Purpose.
NR 45.02   Applicability.
NR 45.03   Definitions.
NR 45.04   General rules.
NR 45.045   Firewood.
NR 45.046   Firewood collection for personal use at home.
NR 45.05   Vehicles.
NR 45.055   Golf carts.
NR 45.06   Animals.
NR 45.07   Fires.
NR 45.075   Natural emergencies.
NR 45.08   Beaches.
NR 45.085   Shoreline zones.
NR 45.09   Firearms and hunting.
NR 45.095   Shooting ranges.
NR 45.10   Camping.
NR 45.11   Boats.
NR 45.12   Fees and charges.
NR 45.13   Specific property rules.
NR 45.14   Exceptions.
Ch. NR 45 Note Note: Chapter NR 45 as it existed on December 31, 1983, was repealed and a new chapter NR 45 was created effective January 1, 1984.
NR 45.01 NR 45.01 Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to govern the conduct of visitors to state lands and to provide for the protection of the natural resources.
NR 45.01 History History: Cr. Register, December, 1983, No. 336, eff. 1-1-84.
NR 45.02 NR 45.02 Applicability.
NR 45.02(1)(1)Except when the context provides otherwise, this chapter applies to any of the following:
NR 45.02(1)(a) (a) All lands, structures and property owned by the department.
NR 45.02(1)(b) (b) Lands owned by the state of Wisconsin which are under the management, supervision and control of the department.
NR 45.02(1)(c) (c) Lands under easement to or lease by the state of Wisconsin which are under the management, supervision and control of the department.
NR 45.02(2) (2)On lands the department owns but are under the supervision, management and control of another entity pursuant to lease or easement, the department may, as part of the lease or easement, waive its jurisdiction in whole or in part under this chapter.
NR 45.02 History History: Cr. Register, December, 1983, No. 336, eff. 1-1-84; r. and recr. Register, December, 1999, No. 528, eff. 1-1-00.
NR 45.03 NR 45.03 Definitions. In this chapter, the following definitions apply:
NR 45.03(1) (1)“Adult group" means a group made up of adult members (18 years of age and older) of an established organization. Adult groups may include families.
NR 45.03(2) (2)“All-terrain vehicle" has the meaning specified in s. 340.01 (2g), Stats.
NR 45.03(2m) (2m)“Backpack campsite" means an area designated for camping that has no modern facilities, such as showers or flush toilets located nearby, nor vehicle or watercraft access to or near the area, and to which all over-night supplies are carried or transported to the site by means other than a motorized vehicle.
NR 45.03(3) (3)“Bicycle" has the meaning given in s. 340.01 (5), Stats.
NR 45.03 Note Note: Under s. 340.01 (5), Stats., bicycle means every vehicle propelled by feet or hands acting upon pedals or cranks and having wheels any 2 of which are not less than 14 inches in diameter.
NR 45.03(3m) (3m)“Motorboat" has the meaning given in s. 30.50 (6), Stats.
NR 45.03(4) (4)“Camp" or “camping" means the use of a shelter such as a tent, trailer, motor vehicle, tarpaulin, bedroll or sleeping bag for temporary residence or sleeping purposes.
NR 45.03(5) (5)“Camper day" means the period beginning at 3:00 p.m. and ending at 3:00 p.m. the following day.
NR 45.03(6) (6)“Camping party" means any individual, family or non-family group occupying a campsite.
NR 45.03(6m) (6m)“Camping permit" means any permit for camping overnight that requires registration and payment of a daily fee.
NR 45.03(7) (7)“Camping unit" means any single shelter except sleeping bags and hammocks used for a camp by a camping party except those used exclusively for dining purposes.
NR 45.03(8) (8)“Campsite" means a segment of a campground which is designated for camping use by a camping unit or camping party.
NR 45.03(8f) (8f)“Climbing activity" includes any of the following:
NR 45.03(8f)(a) (a) Ascending or descending steep rock walls, ice walls or artificial structures, usually with the assistance of specialized rock climbing equipment including ropes, webbing and carabiners.
NR 45.03(8f)(b) (b) Practicing the use of specialized rock climbing equipment near the ground.
NR 45.03(8m) (8m)“Crops" means any vegetation planted as an agricultural commodity or for other use as part of a farming operation, or vegetation planted for personal consumption or aesthetics, such as a vegetable or flower garden.
NR 45.03(9) (9)“Department" means the state of Wisconsin department of natural resources.
NR 45.03(9c) (9c)“Dispersed camping area" means an area where camping is authorized but there are no designated campsites.
NR 45.03(9f) (9f)“Dog sled" means any vehicle that glides on runners or wheels and is designed or used for conveying cargo or people and to be pulled by dogs.
NR 45.03(9g) (9g)“Dual-sport motorcycle" means a street-legal motorcycle that meets the definition of a Type 1 motorcycle in s. 340.01 (32), Stats., and can be ridden to varying degrees off-road, and is designed by the manufacturer for both on and off-road use.
NR 45.03(9i) (9i)“Edible fruits" means fleshy fruits from plants including apples, plums, pears, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, juneberries, and strawberries that are harvested for human consumption. It does not include the seeds, roots or other parts of herbaceous plants such as wildflowers or grasses.
NR 45.03(9k) (9k)“Edible nuts" means walnuts, hickory nuts, acorns and other similar nuts from trees and shrubs.
NR 45.03(9m) (9m)“Equine" means any horse, pony, donkey or hinny.
NR 45.03(10) (10)“Family" means a parent or parents with their unemancipated children and not more than 2 guests.
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