Register September 2018 No. 753
Chapter NR 135
Subchapter I — General Provisions
NR 135.01   Purpose and scope.
NR 135.02   Applicability.
NR 135.03   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Standards
NR 135.05   Applicability of standards.
NR 135.06   General standards.
NR 135.07   Surface water and wetlands protection.
NR 135.08   Groundwater protection.
NR 135.09   Topsoil management.
NR 135.10   Final grading and slopes.
NR 135.11   Topsoil redistribution for reclamation.
NR 135.12   Revegetation and site stabilization.
NR 135.13   Assessing completion of successful reclamation.
NR 135.14   Intermittent mining.
NR 135.15   Maintenance.
Subchapter III — Permitting
NR 135.16   Reclamation permit required.
NR 135.17   Regulatory authority to issue reclamation permits.
NR 135.18   Reclamation permit application.
NR 135.19   Reclamation plan.
NR 135.20   Public notice and right of hearing.
NR 135.21   Reclamation permit issuance.
NR 135.22   Denial of application for reclamation permit.
NR 135.23   Automatic permitting and expedited permit review.
NR 135.24   Permit modification.
NR 135.25   Permit suspension and revocation.
NR 135.26   Approval of alternate requirements.
NR 135.27   Permit duration.
NR 135.28   Permit transfer.
NR 135.29   Change of regulatory authority.
NR 135.30   Review of permit decision.
Subchapter IV — Administration and Enforcement
NR 135.32   Regulatory authorities for administration of a nonmetallic mining reclamation program.
NR 135.35   Model nonmetallic mining reclamation ordinances.
NR 135.36   Operator reporting requirements.
NR 135.37   Regulatory authority's annual report to the department.
NR 135.38   Operator reporting of completed reclamation.
NR 135.39   Fees.
NR 135.40   Financial assurance.
NR 135.41   Interim reclamation waiver.
NR 135.42   Regulatory authority right of inspection.
NR 135.43   Enforcement, orders, penalties.
Subchapter V — Department Oversight and Assistance
NR 135.44   Department review of pre-existing ordinances.
NR 135.45   Department review of new ordinances.
NR 135.46   Amendment of ordinances.
NR 135.47   Department audits.
NR 135.48   Noncompliance hearing.
NR 135.49   Municipal noncompliance, consequences.
NR 135.50   County noncompliance, consequences.
NR 135.51   Nonmetallic mining advisory committee.
NR 135.52   Department assistance.
Subchapter VI — Registration of Marketable Nonmetallic Mineral Deposits.
NR 135.53   Definitions.
NR 135.54   Marketable nonmetallic mineral deposit.
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