Register June 2021 No. 786
Chapter NR 149
Subchapter I — General Provisions
NR 149.01   Purpose.
NR 149.02   Applicability.
NR 149.03   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Program Administration
NR 149.05   Required accreditation.
NR 149.06   Certificates.
NR 149.08   Acceptance of other accreditations, licenses, or approvals.
NR 149.09   Certification standards review council.
NR 149.10   Enforcement.
NR 149.11   Discretionary acceptance.
NR 149.12   Variances.
Subchapter III — Program Structure
NR 149.13   Fields of accreditation: certification and registration.
Subchapter IV — Accreditation Process
NR 149.14   Application for accreditation.
NR 149.15   Period, renewal, and expiration of accreditation.
NR 149.155   Required notifications.
NR 149.18   Subcontracting.
NR 149.19   Requirements for certification in the drinking water matrix.
NR 149.20   Requirements for whole effluent toxicity testing.
NR 149.21   Fees.
Subchapter V — Proficiency Testing
NR 149.22   Required proficiency testing samples and frequency of analysis.
NR 149.23   Approval of proficiency testing sample providers.
NR 149.24   Proficiency testing samples for applications and accreditation renewal.
NR 149.25   Treatment of proficiency testing samples.
NR 149.26   Reporting proficiency testing sample results.
NR 149.27   Proficiency testing sample acceptance limits and grading.
NR 149.28   Procedure for correcting unacceptable proficiency testing sample results.
Subchapter VI — On-Site Laboratory Evaluations
NR 149.29   Purpose, type, and frequency.
NR 149.30   Evaluation procedures and appraisal.
NR 149.31   Evaluation reports.
NR 149.32   Evaluation corrective action.
NR 149.33   Conflicts of interest.
NR 149.34   Evaluator qualifications.
Subchapter VII — Quality Systems
NR 149.35   General requirements.
NR 149.36   Laboratory personnel.
NR 149.365   Laboratory ethics.
NR 149.37   Quality manual.
NR 149.38   Corrective action.
NR 149.39   Records and documents.
NR 149.40   Standard operating procedures.
NR 149.41   Method selection.
NR 149.42   Alternative methods.
NR 149.43   Laboratory facilities.
NR 149.44   Laboratory equipment.
NR 149.442   Handling of samples.
NR 149.444   Initial instrument calibration requirements.
NR 149.446   Continuing instrument calibration requirements.
NR 149.45   Measurement traceability.
NR 149.47   Reporting results.
NR 149.48   Quality control requirements for chemical testing.
NR 149.50   Technology requirements.
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