Register January 2018 No. 745
Chapter NR 153
NR 153.10   Purpose.
NR 153.11   Applicability.
NR 153.12   Definitions.
NR 153.13   Eligible applicants.
NR 153.14   Eligible targeted runoff management projects.
NR 153.145   Eligible notice of discharge projects.
NR 153.15   Cost sharing for best management practices.
NR 153.16   Aids for local assistance activities.
NR 153.17   Targeted runoff management project application.
NR 153.18   Targeted runoff management project screening.
NR 153.19   Targeted runoff management project scoring.
NR 153.20   Targeted runoff management project selection and funding.
NR 153.205   Notice of discharge project application, selection and funding.
NR 153.21   Runoff management grant agreement.
NR 153.22   Cost-share agreement.
NR 153.23   Cost containment.
NR 153.25   Property acquisition.
NR 153.26   Local assistance grant agreement.
NR 153.27   Procurement.
NR 153.28   Grant reimbursement procedures.
NR 153.29   Records.
NR 153.30   Project evaluation and reporting.
NR 153.31   Variances.
NR 153.32   Grant evaluation and enforcement.
NR 153.10 NR 153.10Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to establish the administrative framework for the selection of all targeted runoff management projects under s. 281.65 (4c), Stats., the selection of notice of discharge projects under s. 281.65 (4e), Stats., and implementation of these projects under s. 281.65, Stats. This chapter promotes management of urban and rural nonpoint pollution sources in critical geographic locations where nonpoint source related water quality problems and threats are most severe and control is most feasible. This chapter accelerates implementation of nonpoint source water pollution control in areas where funding available through s. 92.14, Stats., is inadequate to meet water quality goals.
NR 153.10 Note Note: The department will not use this chapter to administer grants for activities required to comply with WPDES permit requirements of ch. NR 216 or 243, except if the grant is provided to the city of Racine to comply with municipal storm water permit requirements. Chapter NR 155 is used by the department to administer grants for both point source and nonpoint source projects in urban areas as defined under s. 281.66 (1) (e), Stats. Projects that are located in urban areas but are not required to comply with ch. NR 216 are eligible to apply for funding under ch. NR 153 or 155, or both.
NR 153.10 History History: CR 00-025: cr. Register September 2002 No. 561, eff. 10-1-02; CR 09-112: am. Register December 2010 No. 660, eff. 1-1-11.
NR 153.11 NR 153.11Applicability. This chapter applies to all of the following:
NR 153.11(1) (1) The department when acting to solicit and accept all targeted runoff management project applications, score applications and select projects, under s. 281.65 (4c), Stats., for funding under s. 281.65, Stats.
NR 153.11(1m) (1m) The department when accepting applications, selecting and funding notice of discharge projects under s. 281.65 (4e), Stats.
NR 153.11(2) (2) The department when acting to administer grants and the grant program under s. 281.65, Stats., including when the department acts as the grantor of a runoff management grant agreement, grantor of a local assistance grant agreement or provider of a cost-share agreement to a governmental unit or a state agency.
NR 153.11(3) (3) Governmental units when acting to submit applications to the department for projects under s. 281.65 (4c) or (4e), Stats., receive grants from the department for projects under s. 281.65, Stats., and serve as cost-share providers to landowners, land operators or state agencies.
NR 153.11(4) (4) State agencies, including the department, when acting as grant applicants, runoff management grantees or cost-share recipients.
NR 153.11(5) (5) Landowners and land operators when acting as cost-share recipients.
NR 153.11 History History: CR 00-025: cr. Register September 2002 No. 561, eff. 10-1-02; CR 09-112: am (1), (3), cr. (1m) Register December 2010 No. 660, eff. 1-1-11.
NR 153.12 NR 153.12Definitions. In this chapter:
NR 153.12(1) (1) “Acquisition cost" means the purchase price actually paid by the grantee and reasonable costs related to the purchase of the property limited to the cost of appraisals, land surveys, relocation payments, title evidence, recording fees, historical and cultural assessments required by the department, and environmental inspections and assessments. It does not include attorneys fees, environmental clean up costs, brokerage fees paid by the buyer, real estate transfer taxes or any other cost not identified in this subsection.
NR 153.12(2) (2) “Best management practice" as defined in s. 281.65 (2) (a), Stats., means a practice, technique or measure, except for dredging, which is determined to be an effective means of preventing or reducing pollutants generated from nonpoint sources, or from the sediments of inland lakes polluted by nonpoint sources, to a level compatible with water quality objectives established under this chapter and which does not have an adverse impact on fish and wildlife habitat. The practices, techniques or measures include land acquisition, storm sewer rerouting and the removal of structures necessary to install urban structural practices, facilities for the handling and treatment of milkhouse wastewater, repair of fences built using grants under this chapter and measures to prevent or reduce pollutants generated from mine tailings disposal sites for which the department has not approved a plan of operation under s. 289.30, Stats.
NR 153.12(3) (3) “Certification" means that an authorized representative has attested in writing that the statement is true.
NR 153.12(4) (4) “Cost-effective" means economical in terms of the tangible benefits produced by the money spent. Tangible benefits include pollution control, fish and wildlife habitat enhancement, enhancements to recreation, public safety, economical operation, economical maintenance and enhanced life expectancy of the best management practice.
NR 153.12(5) (5) “Cost-share agreement" means the agreement established between the governmental unit and the cost-share recipient which identifies the best management practices to be used on the cost-share recipient's lands and the cost estimate, installation schedule and operation and maintenance requirements for these best management practices.
NR 153.12(5m) (5m) “Cost-share recipient" means the receiver of cost-share funds from a provider.
NR 153.12(6) (6) “DATCP" means the Wisconsin department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection.
NR 153.12(7) (7) “Department" means the Wisconsin department of natural resources.
NR 153.12(8) (8) “Force account work" means the use of the governmental unit's own employees or equipment for project planning, design, construction, construction related activities, inspection, repair, or improvement to a best management practice.
NR 153.12(9) (9) “Governmental unit" means any unit of government including, but not limited to, a county, city, village, town, metropolitan sewerage district created under ss. 200.01 to 200.15 or 200.21 to 200.65, Stats., town sanitary district, public inland lake protection and rehabilitation district, regional planning commission or drainage district operating under ch. 89, 1961 Stats., or ch. 88, Stats. Governmental unit does not include the state or any state agency.
NR 153.12(10) (10) “Grant period" means the time period during which a governmental unit is eligible to incur eligible costs and obtain departmental reimbursement for a project under a runoff management grant agreement or a local assistance grant agreement.
NR 153.12(11) (11) “Grantee" means a governmental unit or state agency that receives funding from the department under a runoff management grant agreement or a local assistance grant agreement.
NR 153.12(12) (12) “Grantor" means the department when serving to provide funds under this chapter to a grantee.
NR 153.12(12m) (12m) “Impaired water" means a water body that the department has identified to the federal environmental protection agency under 33 USC 1313 (d) (1) (A).
NR 153.12(13) (13) “Landowner" means any individual, partnership, corporation, municipality or person holding title to land.
NR 153.12(14) (14) “Land operator" means any individual, partnership, corporation, municipality or person having possession of or holding a lease in land and who is not a landowner.
NR 153.12(15) (15) “Least cost practice" means the best management practice that requires the lowest amount of money to install when compared to other practice alternatives.
NR 153.12(16) (16) “Local assistance grant agreement" means an agreement between the department and a state agency or governmental unit providing funds for staffing activities to carry out the tasks identified in a project selected for funding under this chapter.
NR 153.12(17) (17) “Local share" means that portion of the best management practice installation cost that is not authorized for funding under s. 92.14, 281.65, 281.66 or 281.665, Stats.
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