Register June 2017 No. 738
Chapter NR 162
Subchapter I — General
NR 162.001   Purpose.
NR 162.002   Applicability.
NR 162.003   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Financial Assistance Requirements
NR 162.01   Types of financial assistance available.
NR 162.02   Annual funding policy, project priority list, and funding list.
NR 162.03   Project eligibility.
NR 162.04   Cost eligibility.
NR 162.05   Notice of intent to apply.
NR 162.06   Application.
NR 162.07   Financial assistance requirements.
NR 162.08   Requirements for a user charge system and sewer use ordinance.
NR 162.09   Procurement.
NR 162.10   Reimbursement and refinancing.
NR 162.11   Loan interest rate.
NR 162.12   Financial assistance agreement conditions.
NR 162.13   Financial management.
NR 162.14   Financial assistance disbursements.
NR 162.15   Amendments to a financial assistance agreement.
NR 162.16   Disputes.
NR 162.17   Records and record retention.
NR 162.18   Breach of contract.
NR 162.19   Noncompliance.
NR 162.20   Variances.
NR 162.21   Administrative fees.
Subchapter III — Hardship Financial Assistance
NR 162.22   Applicability.
NR 162.23   Types of hardship financial assistance.
NR 162.24   Eligibility for hardship financial assistance.
NR 162.25   Application.
NR 162.26   Funding list.
NR 162.27   Allocation of funds.
NR 162.28   Requirements and conditions for receiving hardship financial assistance.
NR 162.29   Procedure for determining type and amount of hardship financial assistance.
NR 162.30   Operation, maintenance, and replacement cost estimates.
NR 162.31   Hardship financial assistance agreement.
NR 162.32   Hardship financial assistance disbursements.
NR 162.33   Funding additional project costs.
NR 162.34   Sale of hardship financed treatment works.
NR 162.35   Breach of contract and noncompliance.
NR 162.36   Variances.
NR 162.37   Disputes.
Subchapter IV — Interest Rate Subsidies for Small Loans
NR 162.38   Applicability.
NR 162.39   Project eligibility.
NR 162.40   Cost eligibility.
NR 162.41   Notice of intent to apply and application.
NR 162.42   Interest rate subsidy requirements.
NR 162.43   Procurement.
NR 162.44   Determination of interest rate subsidy.
NR 162.45   Interest rate subsidy agreement conditions.
NR 162.46   Financial management.
NR 162.47   Interest rate subsidy disbursements and project closeout.
NR 162.48   Breach of contract and noncompliance.
NR 162.49   Termination.
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