Register March 2022 No. 795
Chapter NR 216
NR 216.001   Purpose.
NR 216.002   Definitions.
NR 216.003   General permits.
NR 216.004   Noncompliance.
NR 216.005   Long-term storm water maintenance requirements.
NR 216.006   Electronic reporting of information.
NR 216.007   Water quality standards.
Subchapter I — Municipal Storm Water Discharge Permits
NR 216.01   Purpose.
NR 216.02   Permit coverage required.
NR 216.023   Urbanized area exemption.
NR 216.024   Non-urbanized area exemption.
NR 216.025   Designation criteria.
NR 216.026   Petition for permit coverage.
NR 216.03   Application for permit coverage.
NR 216.031   General permit application requirements.
NR 216.032   Individual permit application requirements.
NR 216.04   Issuance of permits.
NR 216.065   Permittee responsibility and permit conditions.
NR 216.07   Permit requirements.
NR 216.075   Reliance on another entity.
NR 216.08   Permit fees.
NR 216.09   Individual permit reapplication.
NR 216.10   Authorized local program.
Subchapter II — Industrial Storm Water Discharge Permits
NR 216.20   Purpose.
NR 216.21   Applicability and exclusions.
NR 216.22   Application requirements.
NR 216.23   Permit coverage.
NR 216.24   Industry-specific general permits.
NR 216.25   Individual permit.
NR 216.27   Storm water pollution prevention plan.
NR 216.28   Monitoring requirements.
NR 216.29   Compliance and reporting requirements.
NR 216.30   Permit fees.
NR 216.31   Permit coverage transfers.
NR 216.32   Permit termination.
Subchapter III — Construction Site Storm Water Discharge Permits
NR 216.41   Purpose.
NR 216.42   Applicability.
NR 216.43   Notice of intent requirements.
NR 216.44   Notice of intent deadline.
NR 216.45   Incomplete notice of intent and time limit for department decision.
NR 216.455   Proof of permit coverage.
NR 216.456   Responsible parties.
NR 216.46   Erosion control plan requirements.
NR 216.47   Storm water management plan requirements.
NR 216.48   Reporting and monitoring requirements.
NR 216.49   Conformance with other applicable regulations.
NR 216.50   Amendments.
NR 216.51   Department actions.
NR 216.52   Use of information.
NR 216.54   Transfers.
NR 216.55   Notice of termination.
Ch. NR 216 Note Note: Corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, August, 1997, No. 500. Chapter NR 216 as it existed on July 31, 2004 was repealed and a new chapter NR 216 was created Register July 2004 No. 583, effective August 1, 2004.
NR 216.001 NR 216.001Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to establish criteria defining those storm water discharges needing WPDES storm water permits, as required by s. 283.33, Stats., and to implement the appropriate performance standards of subchs. III and IV of ch. NR 151. The goal of this chapter is to minimize the discharge of pollutants carried by storm water runoff from certain industrial facilities, construction sites and municipal separate storm sewer systems as identified in this chapter.
NR 216.001 History History: CR 03-028: cr. Register July 2004 No. 583, eff. 8-1-04.
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