Register April 2021 No. 784
Chapter NR 661
Subchapter A — General
NR 661.0001   Purpose, scope and definitions.
NR 661.0002   Definition of solid waste.
NR 661.0003   Definition of hazardous waste.
NR 661.0004   Exclusions.
NR 661.0006   Requirements for recyclable materials.
NR 661.0007   Residues of hazardous waste in empty containers.
NR 661.0008   PCB wastes regulated under Toxic Substance Control Act.
NR 661.0009   Requirements for universal waste, universal waste handlers, and universal waste transporters.
Subchapter B —Criteria for Identifying the Characteristics of Hazardous Waste and for Listing Hazardous Waste
NR 661.0010   Criteria for identifying the characteristics of hazardous waste.
NR 661.0011   Criteria for listing hazardous waste.
Subchapter C — Characteristics of Hazardous Waste
NR 661.0020   General.
NR 661.0021   Characteristic of ignitability.
NR 661.0022   Characteristic of corrosivity.
NR 661.0023   Characteristic of reactivity.
NR 661.0024   Toxicity characteristic.
Subchapter D — Lists of Hazardous Wastes
NR 661.0030   General.
NR 661.0031   Hazardous wastes from non-specific sources.
NR 661.0032   Hazardous wastes from specific sources.
NR 661.0033   Discarded commercial chemical products, off-specification species, container residues, and spill residues thereof.
NR 661.0035   Deletion of certain hazardous waste codes following equipment cleaning and replacement.
Subchapter E — Exclusions/Exemptions
NR 661.0039   Conditional exclusion for used, broken cathode ray tubes, and processed CRT glass undergoing recycling.
NR 661.0040   Conditional exclusion for used, intact cathode ray tubes exported for recycling.
NR 661.0041   Notification and recordkeeping for used, intact cathode ray tubes, CRTs, exported for reuse.
Subchapter H — Financial Requirements for Management of Excluded Hazardous Secondary Material
NR 661.0140   Applicability.
NR 661.0141   Definitions.
NR 661.0142   Cost estimate.
NR 661.0143   Financial assurance condition.
NR 661.0147   Liability requirements.
NR 661.0148   Incapacity of owners or operators, guarantors, or financial institutions.
NR 661.0151   Wording of the instruments.
Subchapter I—Use and Management of Containers
NR 661.0170   Applicability.
NR 661.0171   Condition of containers.
NR 661.0172   Compatibility of hazardous secondary material with containers.
NR 661.0173   Management of containers.
NR 661.0175   Containment.
NR 661.0176   Special requirements for ignitable or reactive hazardous secondary material.
NR 661.0177   Special requirements for incompatible materials.
NR 661.0179   Air emission standards.
Subchapter J—Tank Systems
NR 661.0190   Applicability.
NR 661.0191   Assessment of existing tank system's integrity.
NR 661.0193   Containment and detection of releases.
NR 661.0194   General operating requirements.
NR 661.0196   Response to leaks or spills and disposition of leaking or unfit-for-use tank systems.
NR 661.0197   Termination of remanufacturing exclusion.
NR 661.0198   Special requirements for ignitable or reactive materials.
NR 661.0199   Special requirements for incompatible materials.
NR 661.0200   Air emission standards.
Subchapter M — Emergency Preparedness and Response for Management of Excluded Hazardous Secondary Materials
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