Register May 2023 No. 809
Chapter NR 664
Subchapter A — General
NR 664.0001   Purpose, scope and applicability.
NR 664.0003   Relationship to interim license standards.
NR 664.0004   Imminent danger action.
Subchapter B General Facility Standards
NR 664.0010   Applicability.
NR 664.0011   Identification number.
NR 664.0012   Required notices.
NR 664.0013   General waste analysis.
NR 664.0014   Security.
NR 664.0015   General inspection requirements.
NR 664.0016   Personnel training.
NR 664.0017   General requirements for ignitable, reactive or incompatible wastes.
NR 664.0018   Location standards.
NR 664.0019   Construction quality assurance program.
NR 664.0025   Construction certification for a new facility.
Subchapter C Preparedness and Prevention
NR 664.0030   Applicability.
NR 664.0031   Design and operation of facility.
NR 664.0032   Required equipment.
NR 664.0033   Testing and maintenance of equipment.
NR 664.0034   Access to communications or alarm system.
NR 664.0035   Required aisle space.
NR 664.0037   Arrangements with local authorities.
Subchapter D Contingency Plan and Emergency Procedures
NR 664.0050   Applicability.
NR 664.0051   Purpose and implementation of contingency plan.
NR 664.0052   Content of contingency plan.
NR 664.0053   Copies of contingency plan.
NR 664.0054   Amendment of contingency plan.
NR 664.0055   Emergency coordinator.
NR 664.0056   Emergency procedures.
Subchapter E Manifest System, Recordkeeping and Reporting
NR 664.0070   Applicability.
NR 664.0071   Use of manifest system.
NR 664.0072   Manifest discrepancies.
NR 664.0073   Operating record.
NR 664.0074   Availability, retention and disposition of records.
NR 664.0075   Annual report.
NR 664.0076   Unmanifested waste report.
NR 664.0077   Additional reports.
Subchapter F —Releases From Solid Waste Management Units
NR 664.0090   Applicability.
NR 664.0091   Required programs.
NR 664.0092   Groundwater protection standard.
NR 664.0093   Hazardous constituents.
NR 664.0094   Concentration limits.
NR 664.0095   Point of standards application.
NR 664.0096   Compliance period.
NR 664.0097   General groundwater monitoring requirements.
NR 664.0098   Detection monitoring program.
NR 664.0099   Compliance monitoring program.
NR 664.0100   Corrective action program.
NR 664.0101   Corrective action for solid waste management units.
Subchapter G Closure and Long-Term Care
NR 664.0110   Applicability.
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