T10   Infrared furnace incinerator
T11   Molten salt destructor
T12   Pyrolysis
T13   Wet air oxidation
T14   Calcination
T15   Microwave discharge
T18   Other (specify)
2.   Chemical Treatment—
T19   Absorption mound
T20   Absorption field
T21   Chemical fixation
T22   Chemical oxidation
T23   Chemical precipitation
T24   Chemical reduction
T25   Chlorination
T26   Chlorinolysis
T27   Cyanide destruction
T28   Degradation
T29   Detoxification
T30   Ion exchange
T31   Neutralization
T32   Ozonation
T33   Photolysis
T34   Other (specify)
3.   Physical Treatment—
  a. Separation of components:
T35   Centrifugation
T36   Clarification
T37   Coagulation
T38   Decanting
T39   Encapsulation
T40   Filtration
T41   Flocculation
T42   Flotation
T43   Foaming
T44   Sedimentation
T45   Thickening
T46   Ultrafiltration
T47   Other (specify)
  b. Removal of Specific Components:
T48   Absorption-molecular sieve
T49   Activated carbon
T50   Blending
T51   Catalysis
T52   Crystallization
T53   Dialysis
T54   Distillation
T55   Electrodialysis
T56   Electrolysis
T57   Evaporation
T58   High gradient magnetic separation
T59   Leaching
T60   Liquid ion exchange
T61   Liquid-liquid extraction
T62   Reverse osmosis
T63   Solvent recovery
T64   Stripping
T65   Sand filter
T66   Other (specify)
4.   Biological Treatment
T67   Activated sludge
T68   Aerobic lagoon
T69   Aerobic tank
T70   Anaerobic tank
T71   Composting
T72   Septic tank
T73   Spray irrigation
T74   Thickening filter
T75   Trickling filter
T76   Waste stabilization pond
T77   Other (specify)
5.   Boilers and Industrial Furnaces
T80   Boiler
T81   Cement Kiln
T82   Lime Kiln
T83   Aggregate Kiln
T84   Phosphate Kiln
T85   Coke Oven
T86   Blast Furnace
T87   Smelting, Melting or Refining Furnace
T88   Titanium Dioxide Chloride Process Oxidation Reactor
T89   Methane Reforming Furnace
T90   Pulping Liquor Recovery Furnace
T91   Combustion Device Used in the Recovery of Sulfur Values from Spent Sulfuric Acid
T92   Halogen Acid Furnaces
T93   Other Industrial Furnaces Listed in s. NR 660.10 (specify)
6.   Other Treatment
T94   Containment Building (Treatment)
(c) Disposal
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