Register August 2020 No. 776
Chapter NR 667
Subchapter A — General
NR 667.0001   Purpose, scope, and applicability.
NR 667.0002   What is the relationship to interim license standards?
NR 667.0003   How does this chapter affect an imminent hazard action?
Subchapter B — General Facility Standards
NR 667.0010   Does this subchapter apply to me?
NR 667.0011   What shall I do to comply with this subchapter?
NR 667.0012   How do I obtain an identification number?
NR 667.0013   What are the waste analysis requirements?
NR 667.0014   What are the security requirements?
NR 667.0015   What are the general inspection requirements?
NR 667.0016   What training shall my employees have?
NR 667.0017   What are the requirements for managing ignitable, reactive or incompatible wastes?
NR 667.0018   What are the standards for selecting the location of my facility?
Subchapter C — Preparedness and Prevention
NR 667.0030   Does this subchapter apply to me?
NR 667.0031   What are the general design and operation standards?
NR 667.0032   What equipment am I required to have?
NR 667.0033   What are the testing and maintenance requirements for the equipment?
NR 667.0034   When shall personnel have access to communication equipment or an alarm system?
NR 667.0035   How do I ensure access for personnel and equipment during emergencies?
NR 667.0036   What arrangements shall I make with local authorities for emergencies?
Subchapter D — Contingency Plan and Emergency Procedures
NR 667.0050   Does this subchapter apply to me?
NR 667.0051   What is the purpose of the contingency plan and how do I use it?
NR 667.0052   What must be in the contingency plan?
NR 667.0053   Who is required to have copies of the contingency plan?
NR 667.0054   When shall I amend the contingency plan?
NR 667.0055   What is the role of the emergency coordinator?
NR 667.0056   What are the required emergency procedures for the emergency coordinator?
NR 667.0057   What shall the emergency coordinator do after an emergency?
NR 667.0058   What notification and recordkeeping shall I do after an emergency?
Subchapter E — Recordkeeping, Reporting, and Notifying
NR 667.0070   Does this subchapter apply to me?
NR 667.0071   Use of the manifest system.
NR 667.0072   Manifest discrepancies.
NR 667.0073   What information shall I keep?
NR 667.0074   Who sees the records?
NR 667.0075   What reports shall I prepare and to whom do I send them?
NR 667.0076   What notifications shall I make?
Subchapter F — Releases from Solid Waste Management Units
NR 667.0090   Who shall comply with this section?
NR 667.0101   What shall I do to address corrective action for solid waste management units?
Subchapter G — Closure
NR 667.0110   Does this subchapter apply to me?
NR 667.0111   What general standards shall I meet when I stop operating the unit?
NR 667.0112   What procedures shall I follow?
NR 667.0113   Will the public have the opportunity to comment on the plan?
NR 667.0115   After I stop operating, how long until I shall close?
NR 667.0116   What shall I do with contaminated equipment, structure and soils?
NR 667.0117   How do I certify closure?
Subchapter H — Financial Requirements
NR 667.0140   Who must comply with this subchapter, and briefly, what do they have to do?
NR 667.0141   Definitions of terms used in this subchapter.
NR 667.0142   Cost estimate for closure.
NR 667.0143   Financial assurance for closure.
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