Register August 2020 No. 776
Chapter NR 670
Document Review Fees2 - See PDF for table PDF
License Fees8 - See PDF for table PDF
Other Fees - See PDF for table PDF
1 All fees must be submitted in a form and to the address specified by the department.
2 The plan review fees specified in Appendix II cover the department's review from initial submittal through approval or denial of the report or plan. This fee provides the applicant with the option of withdrawing or supplementing their submittal to revise or complete it two times prior to it being deemed complete. The applicant shall pay the Document Review Fee specified in Appendix II when a plan which has been withdrawn after having been determined to be complete is resubmitted or when a plan or report that has twice been declared incomplete is resubmitted.
3 Class 1 modification fees only apply to those modifications that require department review and approval.
4 The applicant shall pay the plan review fee specified in Appendix II for each phase of corrective action. The phases are facility investigation, selection of alternatives, and remedial design and operation.
5 This fee is only for the review of supporting documentation required by the department.
6 Research, development and demonstration licenses are issued for up to one year; there is no additional fee for the renewals specified in NR 670.065 (4).
7 Research, development and demonstration licenses are available for surface impoundments but are not available for landfills.
8 A facility must have a separate operating license for each hazardous waste management activity it conducts.
9 The interim license fee is a one-time payment to cover the interim license period until a final determination on the issuance of an operating license is made by the department. The Class 2 modification fee should accompany the interim license modification submittal stated in NR 670.072.
10 The annual license fee is for the time period from October 1 to September 30 of the following year.
11 This is a one-time fee to cover the entire 40-year long-term care period. All facilities subject to this requirement must pay the one-time fee even if they previously obtained a long-term care license.
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