Register April 2021 No. 784
Chapter NR 673
Subchapter A — General
NR 673.01   Scope.
NR 673.02   Applicability — batteries.
NR 673.03   Applicability — pesticides.
NR 673.04   Applicability — mercury-containing equipment.
NR 673.05   Applicability — lamps.
NR 673.08   Applicability — household and very small quantity generator waste.
NR 673.09   Definitions.
Subchapter B — Small Quantity Handlers
NR 673.10   Applicability.
NR 673.11   Prohibitions.
NR 673.12   Notification.
NR 673.13   Waste management.
NR 673.14   Labeling and marking.
NR 673.15   Accumulation time limits.
NR 673.16   Employee training.
NR 673.17   Response to releases.
NR 673.18   Off-site shipments.
NR 673.19   Tracking shipments.
NR 673.20   Exports.
Subchapter C — Large Quantity Handlers
NR 673.30   Applicability.
NR 673.31   Prohibitions.
NR 673.32   Notification.
NR 673.33   Waste management.
NR 673.34   Labeling and marking.
NR 673.35   Accumulation time limits.
NR 673.36   Employee training.
NR 673.37   Response to releases.
NR 673.38   Off-site shipments.
NR 673.39   Tracking shipments.
NR 673.40   Exports.
Subchapter D — Transporters
NR 673.50   Applicability.
NR 673.51   Prohibitions.
NR 673.52   Waste management.
NR 673.53   Storage time limits.
NR 673.54   Response to releases.
NR 673.55   Off-site shipments.
NR 673.56   Exports.
Subchapter E — Destination Facilities
NR 673.60   Applicability.
NR 673.61   Off-site shipments.
NR 673.62   Tracking shipments.
Subchapter F — Imports
NR 673.70   Imports.
Subchapter G — Petitions to Include Other Wastes under this Chapter
NR 673.80   General.
NR 673.81   Factors for petitions to include other wastes under this chapter.
subch. A of ch. NR 673 Subchapter A — General
NR 673.01 NR 673.01Scope.
NR 673.01(1)(1)This chapter establishes requirements for managing all of the following:
NR 673.01(1)(a) (a) Batteries as described in s. NR 673.02.
NR 673.01(1)(b) (b) Pesticides as described in s. NR 673.03.
NR 673.01(1)(c) (c) Thermostats and mercury-containing equipment as described in s. NR 673.04.
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