Register December 2021 No. 792
Chapter NR 679
Subchapter A — Definitions
NR 679.01   Definitions.
Subchapter B — Applicability
NR 679.10   Applicability.
NR 679.11   Used oil specifications.
NR 679.12   Prohibitions.
Subchapter C — Standards for Used Oil Generators
NR 679.20   Applicability.
NR 679.21   Hazardous waste mixing.
NR 679.22   Used oil storage.
NR 679.23   On-site burning in space heaters.
NR 679.24   Off-site shipments.
Subchapter D — Standards for Used Oil Collection Centers and Aggregation Points
NR 679.30   Do-it-yourselfer used oil collection centers.
NR 679.31   Used oil collection centers.
NR 679.32   Used oil aggregation points owned by the generator.
Subchapter E — Standards for Used Oil Transporters and Transfer Facilities
NR 679.40   Applicability.
NR 679.41   Restrictions on transporters who are not also processors or re-refiners.
NR 679.42   Notification and Licensing.
NR 679.43   Used oil transportation.
NR 679.44   Rebuttable presumption for used oil.
NR 679.45   Used oil storage at transfer facilities.
NR 679.46   Tracking.
NR 679.47   Management of residues.
Subchapter F — Standards for Used Oil Processors and Re-Refiners
NR 679.50   Applicability.
NR 679.51   Notification.
NR 679.52   General facility standards.
NR 679.53   Rebuttable presumption for used oil.
NR 679.54   Used oil management.
NR 679.55   Analysis plan.
NR 679.56   Tracking.
NR 679.57   Operating record and reporting.
NR 679.58   Off-site shipments of used oil.
NR 679.59   Management of residues.
Subchapter G — Standards for Used Oil Burners Who Burn Off-Specification Used Oil for Energy Recovery
NR 679.60   Applicability.
NR 679.61   Restrictions on burning.
NR 679.62   Notification.
NR 679.63   Rebuttable presumption for used oil.
NR 679.64   Used oil storage.
NR 679.65   Tracking.
NR 679.66   Notices.
NR 679.67   Management of residues.
Subchapter H — Standards for Used Oil Fuel Marketers
NR 679.70   Applicability.
NR 679.71   Prohibitions.
NR 679.72   On-specification used oil fuel.
NR 679.73   Notification.
NR 679.74   Tracking.
NR 679.75   Notices.
Subchapter I — Standards for Use as a Dust Suppressant and Disposal of Used Oil
NR 679.80   Applicability.
NR 679.81   Disposal.
NR 679.82   Use as a dust suppressant.
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