Register October 2023 No. 814
Chapter NR 812
Subchapter I — General
NR 812.01   Purpose.
NR 812.02   Applicability.
NR 812.03   Cooperation with the department.
NR 812.04   Contracts for noncomplying installations.
NR 812.05   Disposal of pollutants; injection prohibition.
NR 812.06   Drinking water standards.
NR 812.07   Definitions.
NR 812.08   Water well, reservoir and spring location.
NR 812.09   Department approvals.
NR 812.091   Product and component approvals.
Subchapter II — New Water Well and Heat Exchange Drillhole Construction and Reconstruction and Filling and Sealing of Wells and Drillholes
NR 812.10   Well driller and well constructor requirements.
NR 812.11   Well construction equipment and materials.
NR 812.12   General drilled type well construction requirements.
NR 812.13   Drilled wells terminating in unconsolidated formations.
NR 812.14   Drilled wells in bedrock formations.
NR 812.15   Flowing wells.
NR 812.151   Heat exchange drillhole location and construction requirements.
NR 812.152   Construction requirements for potable high capacity wells, potable school wells, and wastewater treatment plant wells.
NR 812.16   Gravel packs.
NR 812.18   Welding procedures.
NR 812.19   Well plumbness and alignment.
NR 812.20   Grouting and sealing.
NR 812.21   Liners.
NR 812.22   Well rehabilitation and batch chlorination.
NR 812.23   Driven point wells.
NR 812.24   Dug type well design and construction.
NR 812.25   Springs.
NR 812.26   Well and drillhole filling and sealing.
Subchapter III — Requirements for New Pump Installations and Water Treatment
NR 812.27   Pump installer requirements.
NR 812.28   Pump installation equipment and supply pipe.
NR 812.29   Height of finished well.
NR 812.30   Vermin-proof well caps and seals.
NR 812.31   Pitless adapters and pitless units.
NR 812.32   Pumps.
NR 812.33   Water storage vessels.
NR 812.34   Sample faucets.
NR 812.35   Yard hydrants.
NR 812.36   Pits.
NR 812.37   Water treatment.
NR 812.38   Injection of fertilizers or pesticides for agricultural purposes.
NR 812.39   High capacity well water level and water usage measurement.
NR 812.40   Above ground pumphouses.
NR 812.41   Disinfection, flushing and sampling.
Subchapter IV — Standards for Existing Installations
NR 812.42   Criteria for evaluation.
Subchapter V — Variances
NR 812.43   Variances.
Subchapter VI — Property Transfer Well Inspections
NR 812.44   Property transfer well inspections.
Subchapter VII — Citations
NR 812.45   Citations.
Subchapter VIII — Water sampling, analysis and reporting requirements
NR 812.46   Water sampling, analysis and reporting requirements.
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