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Chapter Phar 7
Subchapter I — General
Phar 7.01   Definitions.
Phar 7.02   Prescription.
Phar 7.03   Drug utilization review.
Phar 7.04   Transferring prescription order information.
Phar 7.05   Label requirements.
Phar 7.06   Repackaging for stock.
Phar 7.07   Final check.
Phar 7.08   Patient consultation.
Phar 7.085   Delivery by common carrier or delivery services.
Phar 7.09   Procurement, recall and out-of-date drugs and devices.
Phar 7.10   Return or exchange of health items.
Phar 7.11   Pharmacy records.
Phar 7.12   Delegation by a physician.
Phar 7.13   Administration of drug products and devices other than vaccines.
Phar 7.14   Delegate-check-delegate.
Subchapter II — Central Shared Services
Phar 7.30   Definitions.
Phar 7.31   Requirements.
Subchapter III — Delivery Systems and Remote Dispensing
Phar 7.40   Definitions.
Phar 7.41   Delivery system.
Phar 7.42   Automated direct-to-patient dispensing system.
Phar 7.43   Remote dispensing.
Subchapter IV — Institutional Pharmacies
Phar 7.50   Definitions.
Phar 7.51   Chart orders.
Phar 7.52   Labels.
Phar 7.53   Security and access.
Phar 7.54   Return or exchange of health items.
Phar 7.55   Automated technology product verification.
Subchapter V — Unlicensed Persons
Phar 7.60   Definitions.
Phar 7.61   Persons who have completed their second year of pharmacy school or pharmacists from another state applying for licensure.
Phar 7.62   Unlicensed persons.
Ch. Phar 7 Note Note: Chapter Phar 7 as it existed on December 31, 2020, was repealed and a new chapter Phar 7 was created, effective January 1, 2021.
subch. I of ch. Phar 7 Subchapter I — General
Phar 7.01 Phar 7.01 Definitions. In this chapter:
Phar 7.01(1) (1) “ Control number” means a unique number used to identify a repackaged drug or drug product in reference to a record that contains NDC, expiration date, and lot number.
Phar 7.01(2) (2) “ Managing pharmacist” means a pharmacist who accepts responsibility for the operation of a pharmacy in conformance with all laws and rules pertinent to the practice of pharmacy, and who is personally in full and actual charge of the pharmacy and personnel.
Phar 7.01(3) (3) “ NDC” means national drug code.
Phar 7.01(4) (4) “ Repackaging for stock” means transferring a non-sterile drug product from the stock container in which it was distributed by the original manufacturer and placing it into a different stock container as a source for subsequent prescription dispensing without further manipulation of the drug.
Phar 7.01(5) (5) “ Standing order” means an order transmitted electronically or in writing by a practitioner for a drug or device that does not identify a particular patient at the time it is issued for the purpose of drug or device dispensing or administration to individuals that meet criteria of the order.
Phar 7.01 History History: CR 19-145: cr. Register December 2020 No. 780, eff. 1-1-21.
Phar 7.02 Phar 7.02 Prescription.
Phar 7.02(1)(1)Requirements. A prescription drug order shall include all of the following:
Phar 7.02(1)(a) (a) Date of issue.
Phar 7.02(1)(b) (b) First and last name and address of the practitioner.
Phar 7.02(1)(c) (c) Prescriptions ordered by a delegate of the practitioner shall include the first and last name of the delegate and the first and last name and address of the practitioner.
Phar 7.02(1)(d) (d) Name, strength, and quantity of the drug product or device.
Phar 7.02(1)(e) (e) Directions for use of the drug product or device.
Phar 7.02(1)(f) (f) Refills, if any.
Phar 7.02(1)(g) (g) Symptom or purpose for which the drug is being prescribed if the patient indicates in writing to the practitioner that the patient wants the symptom or purpose for the prescription to be disclosed on the label.
Phar 7.02(1)(h) (h) Name and address of the patient except as provided in ss. 118.2925 (3), 255.07 (2), 441.18 (2) (a) 1., 448.035 (2) and 448.037 (2) (a) 1., Stats.
Phar 7.02(1)(i) (i) If prescription is issued under s. 118.2925 (3), Stats., the name and address of the school.
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