PI 34.023   Clinical program.
PI 34.024   Educator preparation program evaluation.
Subchapter V — License Stages
PI 34.025   Definitions.
PI 34.026   General provisions.
PI 34.027   License application requirements; license areas.
PI 34.028   Tier I, 1-year renewable license with stipulations.
PI 34.029   Tier I, 3-year district sponsored license with stipulations.
PI 34.030   Tier I, guest teacher license.
PI 34.031   Tier I, charter school license.
PI 34.032   Tier I, short-term substitute teacher license.
PI 34.033   Tier I, long-term substitute teacher license.
PI 34.034   Tier I, professional teaching permit.
PI 34.035   Tier I, 1-year administrator license.
PI 34.036   Tier I, special education program aide license.
PI 34.037   Tier I, experience-based license for technical and vocational education subjects.
PI 34.038   Tier I, license based on reciprocity.
PI 34.0385   Tier I tribal, community and school liaison license.
PI 34.0386   Tier I, American Indian language and culture aide license.
PI 34.0387   Tier I, American Indian language license — alternative eligibility.
PI 34.0388   Tier I, American Indian history, culture and tribal sovereignty license — alternative eligibility.
PI 34.039   Tier I limitations.
PI 34.040   Tier II provisional educator license.
PI 34.0405   Tier II military spouse license.
PI 34.041   Tier III lifetime license.
PI 34.042   Tier IV master educator license.
Subchapter VI — Teaching Areas
PI 34.043   Applicability.
PI 34.044   Early childhood.
PI 34.045   Elementary and middle school.
PI 34.046   Middle and high school.
PI 34.047   Kindergarten through grade 12.
PI 34.048   Early childhood special education.
PI 34.049   Kindergarten through grade 12 cross-categorical special education.
PI 34.050   Deaf or hard of hearing.
PI 34.051   Blind and visual impairment.
PI 34.052   Additional license areas.
PI 34.055   American Indian language license.
PI 34.056   American Indian history, culture, and tribal sovereignty license.
Subchapter VII — Pupil Services Areas
PI 34.057   Applicability.
PI 34.058   General requirements.
PI 34.059   School counselor.
PI 34.060   School nurse.
PI 34.061   School psychologist.
PI 34.062   School social worker.
PI 34.063   American Indian language and culture — school counselor license.
Subchapter VIII — Administration Areas
PI 34.064   Applicability.
PI 34.065   General requirements.
PI 34.066   Principal.
PI 34.067   District administrator.
PI 34.068   Director of instruction.
PI 34.069   Director of special education and pupil services.
PI 34.070   Reading specialist.
PI 34.071   School business administrator.
PI 34.072   Program coordinator.
Subchapter IX — Supplementary Areas
PI 34.073   Applicability.
PI 34.074   Adaptive education.
PI 34.075   Adaptive physical education.
PI 34.076   Assistive technology.
PI 34.077   Alternative education program.
PI 34.078   Bilingual-bicultural education.
PI 34.079   Coaching athletics.
PI 34.080   Driver education.
PI 34.081   Gifted and talented.
PI 34.082   Reading teacher.
PI 34.083   Urban educator.
PI 34.084   Vocational education.
Subchapter X — Related Services Areas and Other Licenses
PI 34.085   Applicability.
PI 34.086   Educational interpreter, 5-year renewable license.
PI 34.087   Educational interpreter, 1-year renewable license.
PI 34.088   Educational interpreter, 5-year nonrenewable license.
PI 34.089   Orientation and mobility, 5-year renewable license.
PI 34.090   School audiologist, 5-year renewable license.
PI 34.091   School occupational therapist licensee.
PI 34.092   School occupational therapist assistant license.
PI 34.093   School physical therapist license.
PI 34.094   School physical therapist assistant license.
PI 34.095   Educational interpreter, 5-year substitute license.
PI 34.096   Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps instructor license.
Subchapter XI — Professional Misconduct
PI 34.097   Definitions.
PI 34.098   Standards for revocation.
PI 34.099   Complaints.
PI 34.100   Investigations.
PI 34.101   No probable cause.
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