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PI 34.108(3)(L) (L) Two members of public school boards, recommended by the Wisconsin association of school boards.
PI 34.108(3)(m) (m) One person who is a parent of a child who is enrolled in a public school.
PI 34.108(3)(n) (n) One person who is a student enrolled in a teacher preparatory program, located in this state, that leads to provisional licensure as a teacher.
PI 34.108(4) (4) Duties. The professional standards council shall do all of the following:
PI 34.108(4)(a) (a) Advise the state superintendent on standards for the licensure of educators, including provisional licensure and maintenance and renewal of licenses, to ensure the effective teaching of a relevant curriculum in Wisconsin schools.
PI 34.108(4)(b) (b) Propose to the state superintendent standards for evaluating and approving educator preparation programs, including continuing education programs.
PI 34.108(4)(c) (c) Provide to the state superintendent an ongoing assessment of the complexities of teaching and the status of the teaching profession in this state.
PI 34.108(4)(d) (d) Propose to the state superintendent policies and practices for school boards and state and local teacher organizations to use in developing effective teaching.
PI 34.108(4)(e) (e) Propose to the state superintendent standards and procedures for suspending or revoking a teaching license and issuing a reprimand.
PI 34.108(4)(f) (f) Propose to the state superintendent ways to recognize excellence in teaching, including the assessment administered by the national board for professional teaching standards and master educator licensure, and to assist teachers to achieve excellence in teaching.
PI 34.108(4)(g) (g) Propose to the state superintendent effective peer assistance and peer mentoring models, including evaluation systems, and alternative teacher dismissal procedures for consideration by schools boards and labor organizations.
PI 34.108(4)(h) (h) Review and make recommendations regarding administrative rules proposed by the department that relate to teacher preparation, licensure and regulation.
PI 34.108(4)(i) (i) Propose to the state superintendent alternative procedures for the preparation and licensure of teachers.
PI 34.108(4)(j) (j) Report annually to the standing committees in each house of the legislature that deal with education matters on the activities and effectiveness of the council.
PI 34.108 History History: CR 17-093: cr. Register July 2018 No. 751, eff. 8-1-18.
PI 34.109 PI 34.109Substitute teachers.
PI 34.109(1)(1)Long-term substitute. A school district may employ an individual as a long-term substitute teacher if the individual is a licensed substitute teacher under s. PI 34.033 or is fully licensed for the assignment. A long-term substitute teacher may be employed only in the subject or position and grade level in which the individual is licensed.
PI 34.109(2) (2) Short-term substitute. A school district may employ an individual as a short-term substitute teacher for no more than 45 consecutive days in the same teaching assignment. A short-term substitute teacher may be employed to teach any subject at any grade level. A school district may only employ an individual as a short-term substitute teacher if the individual has one of the following:
PI 34.109(2)(a) (a) A license issued under subch. VI, VII, or VIII.
PI 34.109(2)(b) (b) A license issued under s. PI 34.032 or 34.033.
PI 34.109(2)(c) (c) If the assignment is for an educational interpreter, the individual holds a license issued under s. PI 34.095.
PI 34.109 History History: CR 17-093: cr. Register July 2018 No. 751, eff. 8-1-18.
PI 34.110 PI 34.110License and preparation program continuation.
PI 34.110(1)(1)Applicability. Educators holding licenses that were issued prior to July 1, 2018, will not be required to obtain a new license level, subject, or position. Professional educator licenses and life licenses issued prior to July 1, 1983, shall be treated in the same manner as tier III licenses. Master educator licenses shall be treated in the same manner as tier IV licenses.
PI 34.110(2) (2) Grade levels. Previous license developmental levels are valid in the following grade levels:
PI 34.110(2)(a) (a) Early childhood (EC): birth to grade three.
PI 34.110(2)(b) (b) Early childhood to middle childhood (EC-MC): birth to grade six.
PI 34.110(2)(c) (c) Middle childhood to early adolescence (MC-EA): grades 1-8.
PI 34.110(2)(d) (d) Early adolescence to adolescence (EA-A): grades 5-12.
PI 34.110(2)(e) (e) Early childhood to adolescence (EC-A): kindergarten to grade 12.
PI 34.110(3) (3) Preparation. Preparation programs that were approved prior to August 1, 2018, remain approved until August 31, 2023, and may continue to endorse candidates who enrolled no later than August 31, 2023, in the subjects and positions approved using the grade levels in sub. (2). Educator preparation programs must receive initial approval and have new or revised licensure programs approved under subch. III in order to endorse candidates who enroll in licensure programs after August 31, 2023.
PI 34.110 History History: CR 17-093: cr. Register July 2018 No. 751, eff. 8-1-18; EmR1909: emerg. am. (2) (e), (3), eff. 1-14-19; CR 19-034: am. (2) (e), (3) Register February 2020 No. 770, eff. 3-1-20.
PI 34.111 PI 34.111Obsolete licenses.
PI 34.111(1)(1)Applicability. Based on the needs of school districts and enrollments in educator preparation programs, the state superintendent may designate a license as being obsolete. If the state superintendent designates a license as obsolete, the state superintendent may not issue an initial or provisional license in that area. An individual who holds an obsolete license may continue to work as authorized by the obsolete license as long as the license remains valid.
PI 34.111(2) (2) Obsolete licenses. The following licenses are obsolete:
PI 34.111(2)(a) (a) Music (all) –500.
PI 34.111(2)(b) (b) Reading Specialist – 2–year nonrenewable.
PI 34.111(2)(c) (c) Reading Teacher – 2–year nonrenewable.
PI 34.111(2)(d) (d) Science (all) –600.
PI 34.111(2)(e) (e) Astronomy –627.
PI 34.111(2)(f) (f) General Science – 620.
PI 34.111(2)(g) (g) Geology –637.
PI 34.111(2)(h) (h) Physiology –630.
PI 34.111(2)(i) (i) Provisional School Psychologist –56.
PI 34.111(2)(j) (j) School Psychologist I –57.
PI 34.111(2)(k) (k) School Psychologist II –58.
PI 34.111(2)(L) (L) District administrator –05.
PI 34.111(2)(m) (m) Assistant district administrator –06.
PI 34.111(2)(n) (n) High school principal –25.
PI 34.111(2)(o) (o) Assistant high school principal –26.
PI 34.111(2)(p) (p) Junior high school principal.
PI 34.111(2)(q) (q) Assistant junior high school principal –31.
PI 34.111(2)(r) (r) Elementary school principal –35.
PI 34.111(2)(s) (s) Assistant elementary school principal –36.
PI 34.111(2)(t) (t) Elementary school principal –40.
PI 34.111(2)(u) (u) District administrator –04.
PI 34.111(2)(v) (v) Elementary/middle level principal –34.
PI 34.111(2)(w) (w) Middle/secondary level principal –24.
PI 34.111(2)(x) (x) Supervisor, coordinator or director –10, –15,–20.
PI 34.111(2)(y) (y) Special education supervisor –level A.
PI 34.111(2)(z) (z) Supervisor of counseling and guidance –968.
PI 34.111(2)(za) (za) Supervisor of counseling and guidance –bilingual –969.
PI 34.111(2)(zb) (zb) School library supervisor –09–900.
PI 34.111(2)(zc) (zc) Instructional Library Media Supervisor –5091.
PI 34.111(2)(zd) (zd) Instructional Technology Coordinator –5092.
PI 34.111(2)(ze) (ze) Charter School Instructional Staff.
PI 34.111(2)(zf) (zf) Non-renewable library media specialist –1901.
PI 34.111 History History: CR 17-093: cr. Register July 2018 No. 751 eff. 7-1-18; (2) (za) to (zf) renum. from (2) (aa) to (af) under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register July 2018 No. 751.
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