Register January 2014 No. 697
Chapter PSC 102
PSC 102.01   Record of disbursements.
PSC 102.02   Penalties.
PSC 102.01 PSC 102.01Record of disbursements. Each public utility for which a system of accounts is prescribed by this commission shall so maintain its records as to disclose full particulars concerning any disbursement, including the name of the payee and the purpose of the payment. The records shall likewise disclose the name of the person intended to be paid and the purpose of such disbursement, regardless of whether payment is made by check, cash, cashier's check, bank draft, postal money order, property, or other means, whether paid directly to the ultimate recipient, or indirectly through an affiliated company, officer, employee, attorney, or other intermediary. The purpose of any disbursement, regardless of size, shall be shown by the records and the provisions of this order shall apply in their entirety to each disbursement in excess of $10. This chapter does not apply to a telecommunications provider, as defined in s. 196.01 (8p), Stats.
PSC 102.01 History History: CR 13-025: am. Register January 2014 No. 697, eff. 2-1-14.
PSC 102.02 PSC 102.02Penalties. Failure to conform to the provisions of this order shall be deemed cause to invoke the penalties provided by ch. 196, Stats.
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