Register June 2014 No. 702
Chapter PSC 111
Subchapter I — General
PSC 111.01   Definitions.
PSC 111.03   Period covered by SEA; data; filing date.
PSC 111.05   SEA filing procedures.
PSC 111.07   Supplemental data requests for SEA; waivers.
PSC 111.09   Confidentiality.
Subchapter II — Assessment of Electric Demand
PSC 111.11   Electric demand data.
PSC 111.13   Calculation of adjusted electric demand.
Subchapter III — Assessment of Electric Power Supply
PSC 111.21   Capacity data.
PSC 111.23   Capacity purchase and sale data affecting electric power supply.
PSC 111.25   Calculation of electric power supply.
Subchapter IV — Economic, Environmental, and Conservation Data
PSC 111.31   Economic data.
PSC 111.33   Pollutant data.
PSC 111.35   Energy conservation data.
Subchapter V — Transmission System Operation Data
PSC 111.41   Transmission system reservations data from electricity providers.
PSC 111.43   Data from transmission providers.
Subchapter VI — CPCN Applications
PSC 111.51   CPCN applications for facilities – general.
PSC 111.53   CPCN applications for large electric generating facilities.
PSC 111.55   CPCN applications for high-voltage transmission lines.
PSC 111.56   Expedited review.
Subchapter VII — Fixed Financial Parameter Applications
PSC 111.61   Purpose.
PSC 111.62   Applicability.
PSC 111.63   Information required.
PSC 111.64   Procedure.
PSC 111.65   Order.
Subchapter VIII — Pre-Construction Notices
PSC 111.71   Notification of additional work areas.
Ch. PSC 111 History History: Chapter PSC 111 as it existed on June 30, 2000 was repealed and a new chapter PSC 111 was created, Register, June, 2000, No. 534, effective July 1, 2000.
subch. I of ch. PSC 111 Subchapter I — General
PSC 111.01 PSC 111.01Definitions. The definitions specified in ss. 196.01 and 196.491 (1), Stats., apply to this chapter. In addition, in this chapter:
PSC 111.01(1) (1) “Btu" means British thermal unit.
PSC 111.01(2) (2) “CO2" means carbon dioxide.
PSC 111.01(3) (3) “CPCN" means a certificate of public convenience and necessity issued under s. 196.491 (3), Stats.
PSC 111.01(3g) (3g) “Commence construction" means site clearing, excavation, placement of facilities, or other substantial action adversely affecting the natural environment of the site or physical modification to equipment at the site that would not be required if the proposed project was not approved, but does not include borings necessary to determine foundation conditions or other preconstruction monitoring or surveying to establish background information related to site or environmental suitability.
PSC 111.01(3r) (3r) “Department" means the Wisconsin department of natural resources.
PSC 111.01(4) (4) “Electricity provider" means any of the following:
PSC 111.01(4)(a) (a) Any person who owns, operates, manages or controls, or expects to own, operate, manage or control generation larger than 5 MW in Wisconsin.
PSC 111.01(4)(b) (b) Any person who provides retail electric service in Wisconsin.
PSC 111.01(4)(c) (c) Self-providers.
PSC 111.01(5) (5) “FERC" means the federal energy regulatory commission.
PSC 111.01(6) (6) “Hg" means mercury.
PSC 111.01(7) (7) “kW" means kilowatt.
PSC 111.01(8) (8) “kWh" means kilowatt-hour.
PSC 111.01(9) (9) “MW" means megawatt.
PSC 111.01(10) (10) “Net rated capacity" means a generation facility's maximum electrical output, in MW, net of electricity use internal to the generation facility, under the ambient conditions expected during peak demand.
PSC 111.01(11) (11) “N2O" means nitrous oxide.
PSC 111.01(12) (12) “NOx" means all oxides of nitrogen except nitrous oxide.
PSC 111.01(13) (13) “SEA" means strategic energy assessment.
PSC 111.01(14) (14) “Self-provider" means any person, other than an operator of a wholesale merchant plant, who meets all of the following:
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