Register May 2019 No. 761
Chapter PSC 185
Subchapter I — General
PSC 185.11   Authorization for and application of rules.
PSC 185.12   Definitions.
PSC 185.13   General requirement.
PSC 185.15   Free or discriminatory service prohibited.
PSC 185.16   Protection of water utility facilities.
PSC 185.17   Interference with public service structures.
PSC 185.18   Location of records.
PSC 185.19   Retention of records.
Subchapter II — Rate Schedules and Rules
PSC 185.21   Schedules to be filed with the commission.
PSC 185.22   Information available to customers.
Subchapter III — Service and Billing
PSC 185.30   Application for residential and multifamily service.
PSC 185.305   Application for nonresidential service.
PSC 185.31   Metered service.
PSC 185.32   Meter readings and billing periods.
PSC 185.33   Billing.
PSC 185.34   Adjustment of bills (ROM).
PSC 185.35   Adjustment of bills.
PSC 185.36   Deposits for residential service.
PSC 185.361   Deposits for nonresidential service.
PSC 185.37   Disconnection and refusal of service.
PSC 185.38   Deferred payment agreement.
PSC 185.39   Dispute procedures.
Subchapter IV — Records
PSC 185.41   Employees authorized to enter a customer's premises.
PSC 185.42   Customer complaints.
PSC 185.43   Construction records.
PSC 185.44   Records and reports of service interruptions.
PSC 185.45   Pumpage records.
PSC 185.46   Metering equipment records.
PSC 185.47   Other records.
Subchapter V — Engineering
PSC 185.51   Requirement for good engineering practice.
PSC 185.52   General construction requirements.
PSC 185.53   Metering configuration.
Subchapter VI — Customer Meters, Accuracy Requirements
PSC 185.61   Meters.
PSC 185.65   Accuracy requirements for meters.
Subchapter VII — Meter Testing
PSC 185.71   Meter testing facilities and equipment.
PSC 185.72   Calibration of meter testing equipment.
PSC 185.73   Testing of customer meters.
PSC 185.74   Test flows.
PSC 185.75   Required tests of customer meters.
PSC 185.751   Alternate sample-testing plan for “before-use" test for 5/8-, 3/4-, and 1-inch meters.
PSC 185.76   Periodic tests.
PSC 185.761   Alternative sample-testing plan for in-use meters.
PSC 185.77   Request and referee tests.
PSC 185.79   Remote outside meter (ROM) and automatic meter reading (AMR) system tests.
PSC 185.795   Electrical safety.
Subchapter VIII — Operating Requirements
PSC 185.81   Quality of water.
PSC 185.82   Pressure standards.
PSC 185.83   Station meters.
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