Register August 2011 No. 668
Chapter RAD 6
RAD 6.01   Unprofessional conduct.
RAD 6.01 RAD 6.01Unprofessional conduct. In this section and for purposes of ch. 462, Stats., the violation of any provision of this chapter, or the aiding or abetting of any of the following, constitutes unprofessional conduct and may result in disciplinary action:
RAD 6.01(1) (1) Engaging in any practice or behavior which violates the minimum standards for the profession necessary for the protection of the health, safety, or welfare of a patient or the public.
RAD 6.01(2) (2) Making a material misstatement in an application for a license or permit under s. 462.03, Stats., or an application for renewal of a license or permit.
RAD 6.01(3) (3) Having any sanction, or disciplinary action taken against a licensed radiographer or limited x-ray machine operator in this state or another jurisdiction.
RAD 6.01(4) (4) Violating any rule adopted by the board relating to the practice of a licensed radiographer or limited x-ray machine operator, or any term, provision, or any order issued by the board or other state board with competent jurisdiction.
RAD 6.01(5) (5) Making false, misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent representations in the course of practice as a licensed radiographer or limited X-ray machine operator.
RAD 6.01(6) (6) Practicing outside of the scope of practice or standards of practice authorized by the individual's licensed or permit or a certificate of registration with ARRT.
RAD 6.01(7) (7) Assisting a person who does not hold a license or permit to engage in the practice of radiography unless the person is permitted to practice radiography under the direct supervision of a health care provider or person who is exempt from licensure.
RAD 6.01(8) (8) Advertising, practicing or attempting to practice under another person's name.
RAD 6.01(9) (9) Practicing in a manner that substantially departs from the standard of care ordinarily exercised by a licensed radiographer or limited x-ray machine operator, or any negligence, incompetence, or misconduct.
RAD 6.01(10) (10) Engaging in inappropriate sexual contact, exposure, gratification, or other sexual behavior with, or in the presence of, a patient.
RAD 6.01(11) (11) Revealing a privileged communication from or relating to a former or current patient, except when otherwise permitted by law.
RAD 6.01(12) (12) Violating any law of this state or federal law that substantially relates to the practice of radiography or any other medical or allied health professions or a state or federal narcotics or controlled substances law.
RAD 6.01(13) (13) Failing to notify the department in writing of any criminal conviction within 48 hours after the date of conviction and failing to provide a copy of the judgment of conviction to the department. Conviction of any crime which is substantially related to the practice of a credential holder shall be grounds for discipline.
RAD 6.01(14) (14) Failing to cooperate in a timely manner with the department's investigation of a complaint filed against the credential holder. A credential holder who takes longer than 30 calendar days to respond to a request of the department is subject to a rebuttable presumption of failing to act in a timely manner under this subsection.
RAD 6.01(15) (15) Having an actual or potential inability to practice radiography with reasonable skill and safety due to use of alcohol or drugs.
RAD 6.01(16) (16) Practicing or attempting to practice while having a physical or mental impairment, other than related to alcohol or drugs, which results in an actual or potential inability to practice with reasonable skill and safety to patients.
RAD 6.01 History History: cr 11-016: cr. Register August 2011 No. 668, eff. 9-1-11.
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