Register July 2023 No. 811
Chapter SPS 192
Subchapter I — Authority, Scope, and Definitions
SPS 192.01   Authority and scope.
SPS 192.02   Definitions.
Subchapter II — License Applications and Permits
SPS 192.03   Bond required for promoter and club license.
SPS 192.04   Promoter's license.
SPS 192.05   Matchmaker's license.
SPS 192.06   Contestant's license.
SPS 192.07   Judge's license.
SPS 192.08   Referee's license.
SPS 192.09   Ringside physician's license.
SPS 192.10   Second's license.
SPS 192.11   Timekeeper's license.
SPS 192.12   Term of license.
SPS 192.13   Renewal of license.
SPS 192.135   Reciprocal licenses for service members, former service members, and spouses of service members or former service members.
SPS 192.14   Unarmed combat sports event permits.
SPS 192.15   Permits, issuance and effect.
SPS 192.16   Canceling an event.
Subchapter III — Officials for Events
SPS 192.17   Promoter duties.
SPS 192.18   Inspectors' duties.
SPS 192.19   Judges' duties.
SPS 192.20   Referees' duties.
SPS 192.21   Ringside physician's duties.
SPS 192.22   Second's duties.
SPS 192.23   Timekeepers' duties.
SPS 192.24   Officials' pay schedule.
Subchapter IV — Conducting Boxing at Events
SPS 192.25   General provisions.
SPS 192.26   Compliance with federal laws.
SPS 192.27   Weigh-in procedures and weight classes.
SPS 192.28   Fouls.
SPS 192.29   Injuries sustained by fouls.
SPS 192.30   Procedures after knock-downs.
SPS 192.31   Head blows.
SPS 192.32   Attending a boxer injured or knocked out.
SPS 192.33   Head injury slip.
SPS 192.34   Mouthpiece and headgear.
SPS 192.35   Attire and appearance.
SPS 192.36   Gloves.
SPS 192.37   Preparation of hands.
SPS 192.38   Ring.
SPS 192.39   Corner equipment.
SPS 192.40   Number of rounds in a bout.
SPS 192.41   Consumables.
Subchapter V — Conducting Mixed Martial Arts at Events
SPS 192.42   General provisions.
SPS 192.43   Weigh-in procedures and weight classes.
SPS 192.44   Judging and scoring.
SPS 192.45   Fouls.
SPS 192.46   Mouthpiece.
SPS 192.47   Appearance and attire.
SPS 192.48   Gloves.
SPS 192.49   Preparation of hands.
SPS 192.50   Requirements for cage area.
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