Register April 2021 No. 784
Chapter SPS 318
Subchapter I — Scope and Application
SPS 318.1001   Purpose.
SPS 318.1002   Scope.
SPS 318.1003   Application.
Subchapter II — Definitions and Standards
SPS 318.1004   Definitions.
SPS 318.1005   Adoption of standards by reference.
Subchapter III — Administration and Enforcement
SPS 318.1006   Fees.
SPS 318.1007   Plan review and approval.
SPS 318.1008   Plan review actions.
SPS 318.1009   Identification of conveyances.
SPS 318.1010   Product approvals.
SPS 318.1011   Inspections and permits to operate.
SPS 318.1012   Agent municipalities.
SPS 318.1013   Accident reporting.
SPS 318.1014   Petition for variance.
SPS 318.1015   Enforcement.
SPS 318.1016   Appeals.
SPS 318.1017   Penalties.
SPS 318.1018   Investigations initiated by public.
Subchapter IV — Changes, Additions, or Omissions
to ASME A17.1
SPS 318.1700   Changes, additions, or omissions to ASME A17.1.
SPS 318.1701   Scope, application, and definitions.
SPS 318.1702   Electric elevators.
SPS 318.1703   Hydraulic Elevators.
SPS 318.1705   Special application elevators.
SPS 318.1707   Dumbwaiter and Type B material lifts.
SPS 318.17081   Security.
SPS 318.17086   Maintenance, repair, replacement, and testing.
SPS 318.17087   Alterations.
SPS 318.17089   Code data plate.
SPS 318.170810   Acceptance inspections and tests, general requirements.
SPS 318.170811   General requirements for periodic inspections and witnessing of tests.
SPS 318.1709   Reference codes, standards, and specifications.
Subchapter V — Changes, Additions, or Omissions
to ASME A18.1
SPS 318.1800   Platform lifts and stairway lifts.
SPS 318.1801   Scope, application, and definitions.
SPS 318.1802   Vertical platform lifts.
SPS 318.1803   Inclined platform lifts.
SPS 318.1804   Inclined stairway chair lifts.
SPS 318.1808   Hydraulic driving means.
SPS 318.1809   Rope sockets.
SPS 318.1810   Routine, periodic, and acceptance inspections and tests.
SPS 318.1811   Maintenance logs.
Subchapter VI — Changes, Additions, or Omissions
to ANSI E1.42
SPS 318.4200   Entertainment technology.
SPS 318.4201   Scope and application.
SPS 318.4202   Reference codes, standards, and specifications.
SPS 318.4203   Definitions.
SPS 318.4204   Design requirements.
SPS 318.4205   Control systems.
SPS 318.4206   Safety systems.
SPS 318.4207   Installation and inspections.
SPS 318.4208   Operation, maintenance, and repair.
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