Register May 2022 No. 797
Chapter SPS 321
Subchapter I — Scope
SPS 321.01   Scope.
Subchapter II — Design Criteria
SPS 321.02   Loads and materials.
SPS 321.03   Exits.
SPS 321.035   Interior circulation.
SPS 321.04   Stairways and elevated areas.
SPS 321.042   Ladders.
SPS 321.045   Ramps.
SPS 321.05   Natural light and natural ventilation.
SPS 321.06   Ceiling height.
SPS 321.07   Attic and crawl space access.
SPS 321.08   Fire separation and dwelling unit separation.
SPS 321.085   Fireblocking.
SPS 321.09   Smoke detectors.
SPS 321.095   Automatic fire sprinklers.
SPS 321.097   Carbon monoxide detectors.
SPS 321.10   Protection against decay and termites.
SPS 321.11   Foam plastic.
SPS 321.115   Installation of elevators or dumbwaiters.
Subchapter III — Excavations
SPS 321.12   Drainage.
SPS 321.125   Erosion control and sediment control.
SPS 321.13   Excavations adjacent to adjoining property.
SPS 321.14   Excavations for footings and foundations.
Subchapter IV — Footings
SPS 321.15   Footings.
SPS 321.16   Frost protection.
SPS 321.17   Drain tiles.
Subchapter V — Foundations
SPS 321.18   Foundations.
Subchapter VI — Floors
SPS 321.19   Floor design.
SPS 321.20   Concrete floors.
SPS 321.203   Garage floors.
SPS 321.205   Wood floors in contact with the ground.
SPS 321.21   Precast concrete floors.
SPS 321.22   Wood frame floors.
SPS 321.225   Decks.
Subchapter VII — Walls
SPS 321.23   Wall design.
SPS 321.24   Exterior covering.
SPS 321.25   Wood frame walls.
SPS 321.26   Masonry walls.
Subchapter VIII — Roof and Ceilings
SPS 321.27   Roof design and framing.
SPS 321.28   Weather protection for roofs.
Subchapter IX — Fireplace Requirements
SPS 321.29   Masonry fireplaces.
SPS 321.30   Masonry chimneys.
SPS 321.32   Factory-built fireplaces.
Subchapter X — Construction in Floodplains
SPS 321.33   Construction in floodplains.
SPS 321.34   Construction in coastal floodplains.
Subchapter XI — Installation of Manufactured Homes
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