Ch. SPS 323 Note Note: Chapter Ind 23 was renumbered to be chapter ILHR 23, Register, February, 1985, No. 350, eff. 3-1-85. Chapter ILHR 23 was renumbered Chapter Comm 23 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., and corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, January, 1999, No. 517. Chapter Comm 23 was renumbered chapter SPS 323 under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 1., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
subch. I of ch. SPS 323 Subchapter I — Scope
SPS 323.01 SPS 323.01Scope. The provisions of this chapter shall apply to the design, installation and construction of all heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems in dwellings covered by this code.
SPS 323.01 History History: Cr. Register, November, 1979, No. 287, eff. 6-1-80.
subch. II of ch. SPS 323 Subchapter II — Design
SPS 323.02 SPS 323.02Design. Every dwelling shall be equipped with a heating system designed in accordance with this section. Heating equipment requirements may be waived for recreational dwellings used only during the non-heating season. Where a cooling system is provided, the cooling requirements of this section shall be met.
SPS 323.02(1) (1)Heating and cooling system design.
SPS 323.02(1)(a)(a) The heating and cooling systems shall be designed to maintain the indoor design temperature at outdoor design conditions.
SPS 323.02(1)(b) (b) When requested, room-by-room heat loss and heat gain calculations shall be furnished.
SPS 323.02 Note Note: See Appendix for outdoor design temperature map.
SPS 323.02(2) (2)Distribution systems. Distribution systems shall be sized and located to satisfy the heating and cooling loads of each conditioned space. When requested, a layout of the distribution system shall be furnished to show that the system meets the requirements of this code.
SPS 323.02(3) (3)Ventilation.
SPS 323.02(3)(a)(a) General.
SPS 323.02(3)(a)1.1. All exhaust vents shall terminate outside the structure.
SPS 323.02(3)(a)2. 2. Automatic or gravity dampers that close when the system is not operating shall be provided for outdoor air intake and exhaust.
SPS 323.02(3)(b) (b) Balancing.
SPS 323.02(3)(b)1.1. General. Except as provided under subd. 2., mechanical ventilation systems shall be balanced.
SPS 323.02(3)(b)2. 2. Exception. Passive intake air ducts providing makeup air for intermittent exhaust fans shall be sized to provide at least 40% of the total air that would be exhausted with all intermittent exhaust ventilation in the dwelling operating simultaneously.
SPS 323.02(3)(b)3. 3. Kitchen range hoods.
SPS 323.02(3)(b)3.a.a. Kitchen range hoods that exhaust air from the kitchen area are considered as exhaust ventilation for balancing and makeup purposes.
SPS 323.02(3)(b)3.b. b. Kitchen range hoods that are listed and installed to recirculate air without exhausting it are not required to be balanced.
SPS 323.02(3)(b)4. 4. Infiltration.
SPS 323.02(3)(b)4.a.a. Infiltration may be considered as makeup air for balancing purposes only where there are no naturally vented space- or water-heating appliances in the dwelling.
SPS 323.02(3)(b)4.b. b. For the purpose of complying with this subdivision, naturally vented space- or water-heating appliances are those that take combustion or dilution air from inside the dwelling, including unsealed fireplaces and draft hood appliances with power venting.
SPS 323.02 Note Note: Whole-house fans that are used in the summer to bring cool night air in through open windows and exhaust into the attic are considered to be a supplemental cooling system rather than part of the ventilation system.
SPS 323.02 Note Note: See s. SPS 322.39 (5) for additional requirements on mechanical ventilation.
SPS 323.02(3)(c) (c) Habitable rooms. Habitable rooms without openable windows shall be provided with a balanced mechanical ventilation system producing one air change per hour of fresh outside air while the room is occupied.
SPS 323.02(3)(d) (d) Rooms with toilets, tubs or showers.
SPS 323.02(3)(d)1.1. Except as provided under subd. 2., any room with a toilet, tub or shower shall be provided with exhaust ventilation capable of exhausting 50 cubic feet per minute on an intermittent basis or 20 cubic feet on a continuous basis.
SPS 323.02(3)(d)2. 2. For dwellings with no electrical service, any room with a toilet, tub or shower shall be provided with an openable window.
SPS 323.02 Note Note: The department will accept designs which meet the Air Conditioning Contractors of America manual; the Mechanical Contractors Association manual; and the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association standards for heating and air conditioning systems for one- and 2-family dwellings.
SPS 323.02(4) (4)Controls. The temperature rise through the equipment shall not exceed 100° F unless listed. Controls shall be provided to maintain the inside temperature. Where forced, warm-air systems are used, controls shall be installed to control air movement.
SPS 323.02 History History: Cr. Register, November, 1979, No. 287, eff. 6-1-80; am. (1) Register, January, 1989, No. 397, eff. 2-1-89; am. (3), Register, March, 1992, No. 435, eff. 4-1-92; r. and recr. (3), Register, November, 1995, No. 479, eff. 12-1-95; r. and recr. (1) and (3) (a), Register, January, 1999, No. 517, eff. 2-1-99; r. and recr. (3) (a), renum. (3) (b) and (c) to be (3) (c) and (d), and cr. (3) (b), Register, March, 2001, No. 543, eff. 4-1-01; CR 08-043: r. (1) (a), renum. (1) (b), (c) and (3) (a) to be (1) (a), (b) and (3) (a) 1., cr. (3) (a) 2., am. (3) (d) Register March 2009 No. 639, eff. 4-1-09.
subch. III of ch. SPS 323 Subchapter III — Heating Equipment
SPS 323.03 SPS 323.03Selection of equipment. All heating and central cooling equipment shall be selected on the basis of air-handling capacity, pumping capacity, and thermal capacity to handle the calculated design heating or cooling load.
SPS 323.03 History History: Cr. Register, November, 1979, No. 287, eff. 6-1-80.
SPS 323.04 SPS 323.04Types and location of equipment.
SPS 323.04(1)(1)General.
SPS 323.04(1)(a)(a) All heat producing appliances and cooling appliances shall be listed by a testing agency acceptable to the department.
SPS 323.04(1)(b) (b) Installation and maintenance of gas-fueled appliances shall comply with the appliance listing and the requirements of NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code, except as otherwise required under this chapter.
SPS 323.04(1)(c) (c) The clearances from combustible materials in Tables 323.04-A and 323.04-B shall apply unless otherwise shown on listed appliances.
TABLE 323.04-A
SPS 323.04 Note 1   Standard clearances may be reduced by affording protection to combustible material in accordance with Table 323.04-B.
SPS 323.04 Note 2   Rooms which are large in comparison to the size of the appliance are those having a volume equal to at least 12 times the total volume of a furnace and at least 16 times the total volume of a boiler. If the actual ceiling height of a room is greater than 8 feet, the volume of a room should be figured on the basis of a ceiling height of 8 feet.
SPS 323.04 Note 3   The minimum dimension should be that necessary for servicing the appliance including access for cleaning and normal care, tube removal, etc.
SPS 323.04 Note 4   For a listed oil, combination gas-oil, gas, or electric furnace this dimension may be 2 inches if the furnace limit control cannot be set higher than 250° F or this dimension may be one inch if the limit control cannot be set higher than 200 ° F.
SPS 323.04 Note 5   To combustible material or metal cabinets. If the underside of such combustible material or metal cabinet is protected with asbestos millboard at least 1/4-inch thick covered with sheet metal of not less than No. 28 gauge, the distance may be not less than 24 inches. Also, if the manufacturer of the range, cooktop, or cooking stove specifies a shorter clearance, that clearance may be used instead.
SPS 323.04 Note 6   Clearance above charging door should be not less than 48 inches.
TABLE 323.04-B
SPS 323.04 Note *All clearances shall be measured from the outer surface of the equipment to the combustible material disregarding any intervening protection applied to the combustible material.
SPS 323.04 Note **A factory fabricated board formed with noncombustible materials, normally fibers, and having a thermal conductivity in the range of 1 Btu inch per square foot per °F, or less.
SPS 323.04 Note ***Spacers shall be of noncombustible material.
SPS 323.04(2) (2)Furnaces. The input and output capacity of furnaces shall be listed on the nameplate. All nameplates shall show evidence that the equipment has been listed by a recognized testing laboratory.
SPS 323.04(2)(a) (a) Fuel supply. Furnaces shall be fired with the fuel for which they have been approved, except as provided in par. (d). Fuels shall be supplied to the furnace in the volume and at the pressure required on the label.
SPS 323.04(2)(b) (b) Unvented furnaces and space heaters. The use of unvented furnaces and space heaters fueled by natural gas, kerosene, alcohol or other fuel shall be prohibited due to concerns about oxygen depletion; contamination from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and other combustion related contaminants; and water vapor buildups.
SPS 323.04(2)(c) (c) Vented wall furnaces. Vented wall furnaces shall not be equipped with duct extensions beyond the vertical and horizontal limits of the enclosure unless listed. Vented wall furnaces shall be located to prevent the restriction of air circulation by doors, projections, or other openings. Vented wall furnaces shall be provided with combustion air.
SPS 323.04(2)(d) (d) Conversion burners. Conversion burners shall be listed by a recognized testing laboratory. The existing equipment shall be reconditioned and defective parts replaced before a conversion burner is installed. Conversion burners shall be installed in accordance with the installation instructions.
SPS 323.04(3) (3)Heat pump appliances.
SPS 323.04(3)(a)(a) Size. Heat pump appliances shall be sized to provide control of the wet and dry bulb temperatures during cooling and maximum performance during heating. The heating balance point shall be considered to determine the outdoor temperature at which the heat pump must operate 100% of the time to offset the dwelling heat loss.
SPS 323.04(3)(b) (b) Auxiliary heaters. Provisions for auxiliary heat to supplement the heat pump at outdoor temperatures below the balance point shall be provided. Auxiliary heaters shall be sized so that the heat pump auxiliary will offset the dwelling heat loss down to the heating design temperature.
SPS 323.04(4) (4)Boilers.
SPS 323.04(4)(a)(a) Boilers and solid fuel-fired water-heating appliances that serve a one-or 2-family dwelling, whether located inside or outside the dwelling, shall comply with ch. SPS 341, Boilers and Pressure Vessels.
SPS 323.04(4)(b) (b) Solid fuel-fired water-heating appliances installed inside one or two family dwellings are exempt from the requirements of s. SPS 341.49 (3).
SPS 323.04 Note Note: The department will accept equipment listed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Underwriters' Laboratories, and the American Gas Association.
SPS 323.04 Note Note: The appliances addressed in this section include non-pressurized solid-fuel-fired water-heating appliances used for space heating.
SPS 323.04(5) (5)Water heaters used for space heating.
SPS 323.04(5)(a)(a) Listing.
SPS 323.04(5)(a)1.1. Water heaters used for space heating shall be listed for such use.
SPS 323.04(5)(a)2. 2. The data plate shall indicate that the unit is suitable for simultaneous water heating and space heating.
SPS 323.04 Note Note: ANSI Z21.10.1 or ANSI Z21.10.3 are acceptable listing standards for dual use water heaters.
SPS 323.04(5)(b) (b) Sizing. A dual use water heater shall be sized to provide sufficient hot water to supply both the daily and hourly peak loads of the dwelling.
SPS 323.04(5)(c) (c) Installation. Dual use water heaters shall be installed to provide both space heating and potable water.
SPS 323.04 Note Note: The Wisconsin Uniform Plumbing Code requires dual use water heaters to be installed by a licensed plumber when installed in a new, not-yet-occupied dwelling. The plumbing code also requires that a floor drain be provided, if the water heater is installed on the lowest floor level and that all piping be suitable for potable water.
SPS 323.04(5)(d) (d) Heat exchanger. A single-wall heat exchanger may not be used with a toxic heat transfer fluid.
SPS 323.04(6) (6)Location.
SPS 323.04(6)(a)(a) Enclosed spaces. Except as provided in par. (c), no space heating or water-heating appliance shall be installed in a bedroom, bathroom, closet, or garage unless listed for such installation.
SPS 323.04(6)(b) (b) Garages. Appliances installed in garages shall have burners and burner ignition devices located at least 18 inches above the floor and shall be protected or located so the furnace is not subject to damage from a vehicle.
SPS 323.04(6)(c) (c) Exceptions.
SPS 323.04(6)(c)1.1. Vented decorative gas appliances and decorative gas appliances for installation in vented fireplaces may be installed in bedrooms or bathrooms only when both of the following conditions are met:
SPS 323.04(6)(c)1.a. a. The volume of the space in which the appliance is located is not less than 50 cubic feet per 1000 Btu/h of the combined input rating of all fuel-burning appliances installed in that space. The space may be made up of more than one room if the rooms are connected through doorway openings without doors.
SPS 323.04(6)(c)1.b. b. The vapor retarder is not continuous on walls and ceilings exposed to the outside atmosphere as allowed under s. SPS 322.38.
SPS 323.04(6)(c)2. 2. Water heaters may be installed in a closet located in a bathroom or bedroom where the closet is used exclusively for the water heater, where the enclosed space has a weather-stripped solid door with a self-closing device, and where all air for combustion is obtained from the outdoors.
SPS 323.04 Note Note: Section SPS 323.06 still requires combustion air to be provided to the appliance.
SPS 323.04 History History: Cr. Register, November, 1979, No. 287, eff. 6-1-80; r. and recr. (1) (b), and am. (4) (b), Register, February, 1985, No. 350, eff. 3-1-85; correction in (3) made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, February, 1985, No. 350; am. (intro.) and Table 23.04-A, r. (4), renum. Figures to ILHR 23.045, Register, January, 1989, No. 397, eff. 2-1-89; correction in (3) made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, January, 1989, No. 397; am. (intro.) and (1) (e), r. and recr. Table 23.04-B, Register, March, 1992, No. 435, eff. 4-1-92; r. (1) (e) and cr. (4), Register, March, 2001, No. 543, eff. 4-1-01; CR 08-028: am. (3) Register November 2008 No. 635, eff. 12-1-08; CR 08-043: renum. (intro.), (1) to (3) and (4) to be (1) to (4) and (6) and am. (1), cr. (5) Register March 2009 No. 639, eff. 4-1-09; correction in (6) (c) 1. b. made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register March 2009 No. 639; correction in (1) (c), (4), (6) (c) 1. b. made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672; CR 15-041: renum. (4) to (4) (a), cr. (4) (b) Register December 2015 No. 720, eff. 1-1-16.
SPS 323.045 SPS 323.045Solid-fuel-burning appliances.
SPS 323.045(1)(1)General. Solid-fuel-burning appliances shall be installed as specified in this section unless the manufacturer or listing specifies the use of protection or clearances other than those specified in this section. All solid-fuel-burning appliances shall be tested and listed by an accepted testing agency.
SPS 323.045 Note Note: Factory-built fireplaces shall comply with s. SPS 321.32.
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