Register May 2018 No. 749
Chapter SPS 327
camping units
Subchapter I — Administration and Enforcement
SPS 327.01   Purpose.
SPS 327.02   Scope.
SPS 327.03   Effective date.
SPS 327.04   Applications.
SPS 327.05   Exemptions.
SPS 327.06   Procedure for municipalities.
SPS 327.07   State jurisdiction.
SPS 327.08   Definitions.
SPS 327.09   Wisconsin camping unit building permit.
SPS 327.10   Procedure for obtaining camping unit building permit.
SPS 327.11   Inspections.
SPS 327.12   Approval procedures.
SPS 327.13   Suspension or revocation of Wisconsin camping unit building permit.
SPS 327.14   Effect of suspension and revocation.
SPS 327.15   Approval of products.
SPS 327.16   Petition for variance.
SPS 327.17   Municipal variance from the code.
SPS 327.18   Appeals of orders, determinations, and for extension of time.
SPS 327.19   Adoption of standards.
Subchapter II — Construction Standards
SPS 327.20   Loads and materials.
SPS 327.21   Exits.
SPS 327.22   Stairways and elevated areas.
SPS 327.23   Ladders.
SPS 327.24   Ceiling height.
SPS 327.25   Fireblocking.
SPS 327.26   Smoke detectors.
SPS 327.27   Carbon monoxide alarms.
SPS 327.28   Protection against decay and termites.
SPS 327.29   Floor design.
SPS 327.30   Wood floors in contact with the ground.
SPS 327.31   Wood frame floors.
SPS 327.32   Decks.
SPS 327.33   Exterior covering.
SPS 327.34   Wood frame walls.
SPS 327.35   Roof design and framing.
SPS 327.36   Weather protection for roofs.
Subchapter III — Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
SPS 327.37   Scope.
SPS 327.38   Design.
SPS 327.39   Selection of equipment.
SPS 327.40   Types and location of equipment.
SPS 327.41   Combustion air.
SPS 327.42   Mechanical draft systems.
SPS 327.43   Equipment maintenance information.
SPS 327.44   Ductwork.
SPS 327.45   Dampers, registers, and grilles.
SPS 327.46   Piping.
SPS 327.47   Venting system location.
SPS 327.48   Multiple appliance venting.
SPS 327.49   Fuel storage.
Subchapter IV — Electrical Standards
SPS 327.50   Electrical standards.
Subchapter V — Plumbing
SPS 327.51   Plumbing.
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