Register August 2014 No. 704
Chapter SPS 334
Subchapter I — Purpose and Scope
SPS 334.001   Purpose.
SPS 334.002   Scope.
SPS 334.003   Retroactivity.
Subchapter II — Definitions
SPS 334.01   Definitions.
Subchapter III — Administration and Enforcement
SPS 334.02   Assignment of classification of amusement rides.
SPS 334.03   Amusement ride classifications.
SPS 334.035   Insurance.
SPS 334.04   Registration of amusement rides.
SPS 334.05   Examination of plans.
SPS 334.06   Evidence of plan approval.
SPS 334.07   Revocation of approval.
SPS 334.08   Department inspections.
SPS 334.09   Fees.
SPS 334.10   Appeals.
SPS 334.11   Petition for variance.
SPS 334.12   Penalties.
Subchapter IV — Tests and Record Keeping
SPS 334.15   Periodic inspections and operational tests.
SPS 334.16   Nondestructive tests.
SPS 334.18   Record keeping.
Subchapter V — Design and Construction
SPS 334.19   Design and construction.
SPS 334.20   Emergency brakes and anti-rollback devices.
SPS 334.21   Speed-limiting devices.
SPS 334.22   Passenger-carrying devices.
SPS 334.23   Foundations.
SPS 334.24   Access, egress and passageways.
SPS 334.25   Guarding.
SPS 334.26   Special controls.
SPS 334.27   Identification.
SPS 334.285   Chair lifts and sky rides.
Subchapter VI — Erection, Operation and Maintenance
SPS 334.29   Location.
SPS 334.30   Assembly and disassembly.
SPS 334.31   Control of operation.
SPS 334.32   Electrical.
SPS 334.33   Lighting of exits and passageways.
SPS 334.34   Public protection.
SPS 334.35   Fire protection.
SPS 334.36   Flammable and combustible liquids and gases.
SPS 334.37   Cleanliness.
SPS 334.38   Maintenance, repair and modification.
SPS 334.39   Welding.
SPS 334.40   Air compressors and equipment.
SPS 334.41   Accident reporting.
SPS 334.42   Wind and storm hazards.
SPS 334.43   Responsibility of sponsors.
Subchapter VII — Go-Karts, Dune Buggies and All-Terrain Vehicles
SPS 334.45   Go-karts, dune buggies and all-terrain vehicles.
Subchapter VIII — Bungee Jumping
SPS 334.55   Scope and application.
SPS 334.56   Definitions.
SPS 334.57   Site and operating approval.
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