Register September 2014 No. 705
Chapter SPS 341
Subchapter I — Scope, Definitions and Administration
SPS 341.01   Purpose.
SPS 341.02   Scope.
SPS 341.03   Application.
SPS 341.04   Definitions.
SPS 341.05   Petition for variance.
SPS 341.06   Penalties.
SPS 341.07   Appeals.
SPS 341.08   Fees.
SPS 341.09   Enforcement.
SPS 341.10   Adoption of standards by reference.
SPS 341.11   Application of standards.
Subchapter II — Inspections
SPS 341.15   General inspection requirements.
SPS 341.16   Installation inspections.
SPS 341.17   Periodic Inspections.
SPS 341.18   Exemptions from periodic inspections.
SPS 341.19   Preparation for internal inspection.
SPS 341.23   Reporting of periodic inspections.
SPS 341.24   Permit to operate.
Subchapter III — All Installations
SPS 341.27   Application.
SPS 341.28   Safety rules.
SPS 341.29   Safety controls.
SPS 341.30   Low-water cutoff, water feeder and fusible plug.
SPS 341.31   Boiler blowoff equipment.
SPS 341.32   Pressure gages for air receivers.
SPS 341.33   Protection of vessels supplied through pressure-reducing stations.
SPS 341.34   Portable boilers.
SPS 341.35   Interconnected boilers.
SPS 341.36   Identification of boilers and pressure vessels.
SPS 341.37   Maintenance.
SPS 341.38   Reporting accidents, repairs and alterations.
SPS 341.39   Condemnation.
Subchapter IV — New Installations
SPS 341.40   Application.
SPS 341.41   Installation registration.
SPS 341.42   ASME code vessels.
SPS 341.43   Wisconsin special vessels.
SPS 341.44   U.S. department of transportation vessels.
SPS 341.45   Noncode vessels.
SPS 341.46   Power piping.
SPS 341.47   Multi-boiler installations.
SPS 341.48   Organic- or synthetic-fluid heat-transfer systems.
SPS 341.49   Solid-fuel-fired water-heating appliances.
Subchapter V — Nuclear Power Plants
SPS 341.53   Application.
SPS 341.54   Installation registration.
SPS 341.55   Periodic inspections.
SPS 341.56   Welded repairs and alterations.
SPS 341.57   Report of incidents.
Subchapter VI — Repairs and Alterations
SPS 341.60   General requirements.
SPS 341.61   General rules for repairs and alterations.
SPS 341.62   Reports and stamping.
SPS 341.63   Riveted repairs.
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