Register July 2023 No. 811
Chapter SPS 362
SPS 362.0100   Administration.
SPS 362.0202   Definitions.
SPS 362.0306   Cheese factories classified as F-2 occupancy.
SPS 362.0307   Pyrophoric materials.
SPS 362.0308   Classification of institutions with 5 or fewer persons receiving medical care.
SPS 362.0310   Use and occupancy classification.
SPS 362.0400   Special detailed requirements based on use and occupancy.
SPS 362.0401   Chapter ATCP 93 compliance.
SPS 362.0412   Aircraft storage.
SPS 362.0415   Hazardous materials.
SPS 362.0423   Storm shelters.
SPS 362.0504   Building height and number of stories.
SPS 362.0506   Allowable building area.
SPS 362.0509   Incinerator rooms.
SPS 362.0603   Allowable materials.
SPS 362.0702   Definitions.
SPS 362.0705   Exterior Walls.
SPS 362.0706   Fire wall identification.
SPS 362.0713   Chute discharge room.
SPS 362.0717   Ducts and air-transfer openings.
SPS 362.0722   Calculated fire resistance.
SPS 362.0901   Fire protection systems.
SPS 362.0902   Definitions.
SPS 362.0903   Automatic fire sprinkler systems.
SPS 362.0904   Alternative automatic fire-extinguishing systems.
SPS 362.0907   Fire alarm and detection systems.
SPS 362.0909   Smoke control systems.
SPS 362.0915   Carbon monoxide detection.
SPS 362.1004   Egress for outdoor areas.
SPS 362.1006   Exits.
SPS 362.1009   Accessible means of egress.
SPS 362.1010   Doors, gates, and turnstiles.
SPS 362.1011   Stairway width.
SPS 362.1013   Floor-level exit signs.
SPS 362.1015   Guards.
SPS 362.1020   Corridor continuity.
SPS 362.1029   Spaces under bleachers and grandstands.
SPS 362.1101   Design of Type A and B units.
SPS 362.1103   Scoping requirements — limited access spaces.
SPS 362.1104   Accessible route.
SPS 362.1107   Dwelling units and sleeping units.
SPS 362.1111   Signage.
SPS 362.1203   Natural ventilation.
SPS 362.1204   Interior environment.
SPS 362.1206   Court drainage.
SPS 362.1207   Sound transmission.
SPS 362.1210   Toilet rooms.
SPS 362.1405   Exterior walls.
SPS 362.1503   Secondary Roof drainage.
SPS 362.1505   Roof covering classification.
SPS 362.1506   Roof covering materials.
SPS 362.1507   Roof slope.
SPS 362.1603   Roof snow load.
SPS 362.1604   Alternate standards.
SPS 362.1607   Live loads.
SPS 362.1608   Snow loads.
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