SPS 375.32(1) (1) No smoke pipe shall pass through any floor, outside window or door, nor through any combustible roof or combustible outside wall, nor through any closet, attic or similarly concealed space.
SPS 375.32(2) (2) Every smoke pipe passing through a non-fire-resistive partition shall be encased with incombustible material at least 4 inches thick or with a double safety thimble made of 2 concentric rings of sheet metal with at least one inch open air space between and with outer ring covered with at least 1/4 inch asbestos.
SPS 375.32 Note Note: The double thimble is of no value unless it is kept free from dirt. The best protection is a casing of solid masonry, with 1/4 space between the masonry and the pipe.
SPS 375.32(3) (3) No part of any smoke pipe shall be placed nearer to any combustible partition or wall than the diameter of the pipe, nor nearer to any combustible ceiling than one and one-half times the diameter; but the above distances may be reduced by one-half, if the wall or ceiling is covered with not less than 1/ 4 inch asbestos board covered with galvanized sheet metal, or with equivalent protection as specified in s. SPS 375.11
SPS 375.32 History History: 1-2-56; renum. and am., Register, September, 1974, No. 225, eff. 10-1-74; correction made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, June, 1995, No. 474; correction in (3) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
SPS 375.33 SPS 375.33Hot air pipes. Every hot air pipe contained in or passing through a combustible partition or floor, shall be covered with asbestos, or all wood within 2 inches of such pipe shall be protected with asbestos covered with sheet metal, unless such hot air pipe is double.
SPS 375.33 History History: 1-2-56; renum., Register, September, 1974, No. 225, eff. 10-1-74.
SPS 375.34 SPS 375.34Chimneys.
SPS 375.34(1) (1) No chimney shall rest upon a flooring of wood, nor shall any wood or other combustible material be built into or left in contact with any chimney.
SPS 375.34(2) (2) All chimneys which are defective by reason of settling, cracking, disintegrating of mortar, or from any other cause, shall be repaired or rebuilt forthwith and made safe.
SPS 375.34(3) (3) All chimneys constructed of tile, terra cotta, or brick on edge, shall be replaced by a substantial brick chimney.
SPS 375.34(4) (4) All chimneys shall be thoroughly cleaned at least once each year.
SPS 375.34 Note Note: For requirements applying to the construction, remodeling and repair of chimneys, see the state building code issued by the department.
SPS 375.34 History History: 1-2-56; renum., Register, September, 1974, No. 225, eff. 10-1-74.
SPS 375.35 SPS 375.35Gas and oil lamps; gas service.
SPS 375.35(1) (1) Gas and oil lamps shall not be used where electricity is available.
SPS 375.35(2) (2) Gas and oil lamps shall be placed at least 6 feet above the floor level, at least 6 inches from any combustible partition or wall, and at least 2 feet (measured from top of flame) below any combustible ceiling unless properly protected by a metal shield with at least 2 inches of air space above. Swinging brackets shall be provided with a guard or stop so that the light cannot come nearer to the partition or wall than one foot. In aisles and public passageways, every such light shall be protected by an incombustible guard unless the light is at least 7 feet above the floor. Gas and oil lights shall be kept at least 2 feet from any drape or window curtain.
SPS 375.35(3) (3) Every gas supply main shall have a service cock outside of the building, so placed and maintained that it can be shut off at any time without entering the building.
SPS 375.35 History History: 1-2-56; renum., Register, September, 1974, No. 225, eff. 10-1-74.
SPS 375.36 SPS 375.36Electrical work.
SPS 375.36(1) (1) All new electrical work shall conform to the Wisconsin state electrical code of the department.
SPS 375.36(2) (2) All electrical wiring and installation which by reason of insufficient supports, defective insulation, contact with combustible materials, or with conductors of electricity, deterioration, faulty materials or from any other cause, is liable to cause fire, shall forthwith be overhauled, repaired or replaced, and made safe, and all such repair work shall be done as required by said Wisconsin state electrical code.
SPS 375.36(3) (3) Electric cords shall not be hung on or be fastened with or come in contact with nails, staples, hooks, gas or water pipes, machinery or other metal supports.
SPS 375.36(4) (4) Pendant lamps must be free from contact with furniture, machinery, posts or other fixtures.
SPS 375.36(5) (5) Where portable electric lights must be used, the same shall be equipped with socket of non-combustible, non-absorbent insulating material, large handle of non-absorbent insulating material, basket guard, proper reflector and special heavy duty cord of the reinforced or similar type.
SPS 375.36 Note Note: For fire prevention requirements, see ch. SPS 314.
SPS 375.36 History History: 1-2-56; renum., Register, September, 1974, No. 225, eff. 10-1-74.
SPS 375.37 SPS 375.37Combustible drapes, decorations.
SPS 375.37(1)(1) No drapes, curtains or decorations (except within a private apartment or a hotel guest room) of paper, cotton, cloth or any other combustible material shall be used in any building covered by this code unless effectively flameproofed in an approved manner.
SPS 375.37(1m) (1m) This requirement does not apply to drapes and decorations on display in retail establishments.
SPS 375.37(2) (2) Where drapes, curtains or decorations are of a permanent or semi-permanent nature, there shall be affixed thereto a tag or other indication stating the date on which the flame-proofing was done and signed by the firm or person doing the work.
SPS 375.37 Note Note: The ordinary methods of flame-proofing are only effective for a period of from 6 months to a year and for this reason the flame-proofing treatment must be renewed within this period.
SPS 375.37 History History: 1-2-56; renum., Register, September, 1974, No. 225, eff. 10-1-74.
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