Register September 2023 No. 813
Chapter SPS 381
SPS 381.01   Definitions.
SPS 381.20   Incorporation of standards by reference.
Ch. SPS 381 Note Note: Chapter Comm 81 was renumbered chapter SPS 381 under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 1., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
SPS 381.01 SPS 381.01Definitions. In chs. SPS 381 to 387, except as otherwise specifically defined:
SPS 381.01(1) (1)“Accepted engineering practice" means a specification, standard, guideline or procedure in the field of plumbing or related thereto, generally recognized and accepted as authoritative documented through national standards or specifications.
SPS 381.01(2) (2)“Accessible" when applied to a fixture, appliance, pipe, fitting, valve or equipment, means having access for maintenance, but which first may require the removal of an access panel or similar obstruction.
SPS 381.01(2m) (2m)“Accessory building" means a detached building, not used as a dwelling unit but is incidental to that of the dwelling.
SPS 381.01(2r) (2r) “ Adult day care center” or “ADCC” has the meaning given in s. DHS 105.14 (1) (b) 5.
SPS 381.01(3) (3)“Aerobic treatment component" means a unit for the treatment of wastewater that utilizes the principle of oxidation for biological decomposition.
SPS 381.01(4) (4)“Agent" means an individual or agency recognized by the department to act on the department's behalf relative to a specific activity or function.
SPS 381.01(4m) (4m) “ Air admittance valve” or “AAV” means a device designed to allow air to enter the drainage system to balance the pressure and prevent siphonage of the water trap when negative pressure develops in the system.
SPS 381.01(5) (5)“Air-break" means a piping arrangement for a drain system where the wastes from a fixture, appliance, appurtenance or device discharge by means of indirect or local waste piping terminating in a receptor at a point below the flood level rim of the receptor and above the outlet of the trap serving the receptor.
SPS 381.01(6) (6)“Air-gap, drain system" means the unobstructed vertical distance through the free atmosphere between the outlet of indirect or local waste piping and the flood level rim of the receptor into which it discharges.
SPS 381.01(7) (7)“Air-gap, water supply system" means the unobstructed vertical distance through the free atmosphere between the lowest opening from any pipe or faucet supplying water to a tank or plumbing fixture and the flood level rim or spill level of the receptacle.
SPS 381.01(7e) (7e)“Alternate plumbing system" means a type of plumbing system designed in such a manner that valid and reliable data shall demonstrate to the department that the plumbing system is in compliance with the intent of chs. SPS 381 to 384.
SPS 381.01(7m) (7m)“Ambulatory surgery center" means a health care facility that accepts federal funding in accordance with 42 CFR 416 of the federal register for health care finance and where 4 or more individuals that undergo a surgical procedure for which federal reimbursement is based.
SPS 381.01(8) (8)“Anaerobic treatment component" means a unit for the treatment of wastewater which utilizes molecular oxygen in the absence of free oxygen for biological respiration and decomposition.
SPS 381.01(9) (9)“Approved" means acceptance documented in writing by the department.
SPS 381.01(10) (10)“Appurtenance" means a manufactured device or prefabricated assembly of component parts which is an adjunct to a plumbing product or plumbing system.
SPS 381.01(11) (11)“Area drain" means a receptor designed to collect storm waters from an open area.
SPS 381.01(12) (12)“Areawide water quality management plan" means those plans prepared by the department of natural resources, including those plans prepared by agencies designated by the governor under the authority of ss. 281.11, 281.12 (1), 281.15, and 283.83, Stats., for the purpose of managing, protecting and enhancing groundwater and surface water of the state.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: See ch. SPS 382 Appendix for a list of water quality management agencies and their addresses.
SPS 381.01(13) (13)“Aspirator" means a fitting or device supplied with water or other fluid under positive pressure which passes through an integral orifice or constriction causing a vacuum.
SPS 381.01(13e) (13e) “Atmospheric type vacuum breaker” means a type of cross connection control device where the flow of water into the device causes a float to close an air inlet port and when the flow of water stops the float falls and forms a check valve against back siphonage and at the same time opens the air inlet port to allow air to enter and satisfy the vacuum.
SPS 381.01(13m) (13m) “At-risk” means a POWTS serving a new public or commercial facility that may produce influent to a POWTS treatment or dispersal component, consisting in part of in situ soil in excess of the quantities specified in s. SPS 383.44 (2). This definition does not include existing facilities where the influent has been tested and determined to produce influent below the quantities specified in s. SPS 383.44 (2) or facilities that are known to produce influent exceeding the influent quantities.
SPS 381.01(14) (14)“Autopsy table" means a fixture or table used for post-mortem examination.
SPS 381.01(15) (15)“Automatic fire sprinkler system" has the meaning specified under s. 145.01 (2), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section 145.01 (2), Stats., reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Automatic fire sprinkler system", for fire protection purposes, means an integrated system of underground and overhead piping designed in accordance with fire protection engineering standards. The system includes a suitable water supply, such as a gravity tank, fire pump, reservoir or pressure tank or connection beginning at the supply side of an approved gate valve located at or near the property line where the pipe or piping system provides water used exclusively for fire protection and related appurtenances and to standpipes connected to automatic sprinkler systems. The portion of the sprinkler system above ground is a network of specially sized or hydraulically designed piping installed in a building, structure or area, generally overhead, and to which sprinklers are connected in a systematic pattern. The system includes a controlling valve and a device for actuating an alarm when the system is in operation. The system is usually activated by heat from a fire and discharges water over the fire area.
SPS 381.01(16) (16)“Backflow" means the unwanted reverse flow of liquids, solids or gases.
SPS 381.01(17) (17)“Back pressure" means a pressure greater than the supply pressure that may cause backflow.
SPS 381.01(17e) (17e)“Backflow preventer" means any generic backflow prevention method, device, or assembly.
SPS 381.01(18) (18) “ Backflow preventer with an intermediate atmospheric vent" means a cross connection control device having 2 independently operating check valves separated by an intermediate chamber with a means for automatically venting it to the atmosphere. This can be installed in the horizontal, vertical up, or vertical down orientations. The check valves are force-loaded to a normally closed position and the venting means is force-loaded to a normally open position.
SPS 381.01(19) (19)“Back siphonage" means the creation of a backflow as a result of negative pressure.
SPS 381.01(21) (21)“Backwater valve" means a device designed to prevent the reverse flow of wastewater in a drain system.
SPS 381.01(22) (22)“Ballcock" means a water supply valve opened or closed by means of a float or similar device used to supply water to a tank.
SPS 381.01(22m) (22m) “Barometric loop” means a continuous section of supply piping that abruptly rises to a height of approximately 35 feet before returning to the originating level. Barometric loop is used to protect against back-siphonage but not against back pressure.
SPS 381.01(23) (23)“Bathroom group" means a water closet, lavatory and a bathtub or shower located together on the same floor level.
SPS 381.01(24) (24)“Battery of fixtures" means any group of 2 or more fixtures that discharge into the same horizontal branch drain.
SPS 381.01(25) (25)“Bedpan sterilizer" means a fixture used for sterilizing bedpans or urinals by direct application of steam, boiling water or chemicals.
SPS 381.01(26) (26)“Bedpan washer and sanitizer" means a fixture designed to wash bedpans and to flush the contents into the sanitary drain system and which may also provide for disinfecting utensils by scalding with steam or hot water.
SPS 381.01(27) (27)“Bedpan washer hose" means a device supplied with hot or cold water, or both, and located adjacent to a water closet or clinical sink to be used for cleansing bedpans.
SPS 381.01(28) (28)“Bedrock" means rock that is exposed at the earth's surface or underlies soil material and includes:
SPS 381.01(28)(a) (a) Weathered in-place consolidated material, larger than 2 mm in size and greater than 50% by volume; and
SPS 381.01(28)(b) (b) Weakly consolidated sandstone at the point of increased resistance to penetration of a knife blade.
SPS 381.01(29) (29)“Bell" means the portion of a pipe that is enlarged to receive the end of another pipe of the same diameter for the purpose of making a joint.
SPS 381.01(30) (30)“Bench mark" or “BM" means a permanently established point, the elevation of which is assumed or known, which serves as a vertical reference point, and which may also serve as a horizontal reference point.
SPS 381.01(30m) (30m) “Bidet sprayer” means a component of a personal hygiene device intended for genital and perineal cleanliness and intended for installation in water closets and water closet seats.
SPS 381.01(31) (31)“Blackwater" means wastewater contaminated by human body waste, toilet paper and any other material intended to be deposited in a receptor designed to receive urine or feces.
SPS 381.01(32) (32)“BOD5" or “biochemical oxygen demand 5 day" means a measure of the amount of biodegradable organic matter in water.
SPS 381.01(33) (33)“Boiler blow-off basin" means a vessel designed to receive the discharge from a boiler blow-off outlet and to cool the discharge to a temperature that permits safe entry into the drain system.
SPS 381.01(34) (34)“Branch" means a part of a piping system other than a riser, main or stack.
SPS 381.01(35) (35)“Branch interval" means a vertical measurement of distance, 8 feet or more in length, between the connections of horizontal branches to a drainage stack.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: See ch. SPS 382 Appendix for explanatory material.
SPS 381.01(35m) (35m)“Branch tailpiece" means a fitting or combination of fittings consisting of a combination tail piece and a wye.
SPS 381.01(36) (36)“Branch vent" means a vent serving more than one fixture drain.
SPS 381.01(37) (37)“B.T.U." means British Thermal Units.
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