Register June 2023 No. 810
Chapter Tax 11
Subchapter I — General Provisions
Tax 11.001   Forward and definitions.
Tax 11.002   Registration.
Tax 11.01   Sales and use tax, local exposition tax, and premier resort area tax return forms.
Subchapter II — Exempt Entities
Tax 11.03   Schools and related organizations.
Tax 11.04   Constructing buildings for exempt entities.
Tax 11.05   Governmental units.
Subchapter III — Exemptions
Tax 11.08   Durable medical equipment, mobility-enhancing equipment, and prosthetic devices.
Tax 11.09   Drugs.
Tax 11.10   Wind, solar, and certain gas powered products.
Tax 11.11   Utility, industrial and governmental waste treatment facilities.
Tax 11.12   Farming, including dairy farming, agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, silviculture, and custom farming services.
Tax 11.13   Direct pay.
Tax 11.14   Exemption certificates.
Tax 11.15   Containers and other packaging and shipping materials.
Tax 11.16   Common or contract carriers.
Tax 11.17   Hospitals, clinics and medical professions.
Tax 11.18   Dentists and their suppliers.
Tax 11.19   Printed material exemptions.
Tax 11.20   Property used in qualified research and property used to raise research animals.
Subchapter IV — Sales Price
Tax 11.26   Other taxes, fees, and charges in taxable sales price and purchase price.
Tax 11.27   Maintenance contracts, insurance, and warranties.
Tax 11.28   Gifts and other advertising specialties.
Tax 11.29   Leases, licenses and rentals of tangible personal property and items, property and goods under s. 77.52 (1) (b), (c), and (d), Stats.
Tax 11.30   Credit sales, bad debts and repossessions.
Tax 11.32   “Sales price" and “purchase price."
Subchapter V — Occasional Sales
Tax 11.33   Occasional sales.
Tax 11.34   Occasional sales exemption for sale of a business or business assets.
Tax 11.35   Occasional sales by nonprofit organizations.
Subchapter VI — Manufacturers and Producers
Tax 11.38   Fabricating, processing, and printing.
Tax 11.39   Manufacturing.
Tax 11.40   Exemption of machines and processing equipment.
Tax 11.41   Exemption of property and items consumed or destroyed in manufacturing.
Tax 11.42   Fertilizer blending, feed milling, and grain drying operations.
Subchapter VII — Types of Retailers
Tax 11.45   Sales by pharmacies and drug stores.
Tax 11.46   Summer camps.
Tax 11.47   Commercial photographers and photographic services.
Tax 11.48   Landlords, hotels and motels.
Tax 11.49   Service stations and fuel oil dealers.
Tax 11.50   Auctions.
Tax 11.51   Grocers' guidelist.
Tax 11.52   Coin-operated vending machines and amusement devices.
Tax 11.53   Temporary events.
Tax 11.535   Operators of a swap meet, flea market, craft fair, or similar event.
Tax 11.54   Temporary amusement, entertainment, or recreational events or places.
Tax 11.55   Repossessions and sales of property to enforce liens.
Tax 11.555   Marketplace providers and sellers.
Tax 11.56   Printing industry.
Tax 11.57   Utilities.
Subchapter VIII — Service Enterprises
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