Trans 102.20(7)(a)(a) The department may not issue a farm service CDL to any person who has not passed the required knowledge test.
Trans 102.20 Note Note: See ss. 343.16 (1) (a) and 343.16 (2), Stats.
Trans 102.20(7)(b) (b) The department shall waive CDL skills tests for applicants seeking farm service CDLs except under circumstances where the department would require one or more examinations under s. 343.16 (5) or (6), Stats.
Trans 102.20(8) (8) Restrictions. All farm service CDLs shall be subject to the following restrictions:
Trans 102.20(8)(a) (a) The license may not permit operation of class A motor vehicles as defined in s. 343.04 (1) (a), Stats.
Trans 102.20(8)(b) (b) The license may not permit transporting hazardous materials except liquid fertilizer in vehicles or implements of husbandry with total capacities of 3000 gallons or less, solid fertilizers that are not transported with any organic substance, or 1000 gallons or less of diesel fuel, but no combination of these materials.
Trans 102.20(8)(c) (c) The license may not permit operation of a school bus or of a passenger carrying vehicle, as defined in s. 343.04 (2) (d), Stats.
Trans 102.20(8)(d) (d) The license shall permit operation only of commercial motor vehicles owned, leased or rented by the driver's farm service industry employer.
Trans 102.20(8)(e) (e) The license may not permit operation of commercial motor vehicles outside the period of seasonal employment.
Trans 102.20(8)(f) (f) The license may not permit the operation of commercial motor vehicles beyond 150 miles of the place of business or farm being served.
Trans 102.20(8)(fm) (fm) The license may not permit operation by a custom harvester unless related to the harvesting of crops.
Trans 102.20(8)(g) (g) The license may not permit operation in interstate commerce unless the driver meets the requirements of s. 343.06 (3), Stats.
Trans 102.20(8)(h) (h) The license may not grant farm service CDL privileges for more than 180 days in any calendar year.
Trans 102.20(9) (9) No occupational license. The department may not issue an occupational license granting farm service CDL privileges.
Trans 102.20(10) (10) Seasonal period application and driver record verification.
Trans 102.20(10)(a)(a) Except when a license is due for renewal, at least once each calendar year in which an applicant seeks farm service CDL privileges, the person shall apply to the department for a farm service CDL replacement license designating the person's next seasonal period.
Trans 102.20 Note Note: Form MV3587, Application for New Farm service CDL Seasonal Period may be obtained at any Division of Motor Vehicle Services Center or from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Driver Services, License Issuance Unit, P.O. Box 7918, Madison, WI 53707-7918.
Trans 102.20(10)(b) (b) The department shall confirm the driver's continued eligibility for the farm service CDL before each seasonal period and, if the driver is eligible for the license under sub. (3), shall issue a replacement farm service CDL to the driver. If a replacement license is issued by mail and the driver fails to return the license document it replaces to the department, the department may cancel the replacement license.
Trans 102.20(10)(c) (c) No person may have more than 2 seasonal periods in a calendar year.
Trans 102.20 Note Note: See sub. (13) (c) regarding the fee for changing a seasonal period.
Trans 102.20(11) (11) License form. A farm service CDL shall be subject to the restrictions set forth on the license.
Trans 102.20(12) (12) Expiration. Farm service CDL privileges shall expire on the same date as the holder's operator's license.
Trans 102.20 Note Note: See s. Trans 102.16.
Trans 102.20(13) (13) Fees.
Trans 102.20(13)(a)(a) The fee for the farm service CDL shall be the fee established in s. 343.21 (1) (d), Stats., or the prorated amount due under s. Trans 102.10.
Trans 102.20 Note Note: The fee for a CDL under s. 343.21 (1) (d), Stats., is currently $64.
Trans 102.20(13)(c) (c) The fee for changing the seasonal period on a farm service CDL after a person has specified a seasonal period in a given calendar year shall be the fee for obtaining a duplicate license under s. 343.21 (1) (L), Stats.
Trans 102.20 Note Note: Section 343.21 (1) (d), Stats. prescribes the fee for CDLs. Section 343.21 (1) (L), Stats., currently provides that the fee for a duplicate license shall be $4.
Trans 102.20 History History: Cr. Register, January, 1993, No. 445. eff. 2-1-93; am. (2) (d), (j), (8) (b), (h) and (10) (a), cr. (8) (fm), Register, December, 1993, No. 456, eff. 1-1-94; correction in (2) (i) made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, December, 1993, No. 456; am. (4) (c), Register, January, 1997, No. 493, eff. 2-1-97; am. (10) (a), (b), (11), (13) (a) and (c), r. (13) (b), Register, December, 1999, No. 528, eff. 1-1-00; am. (2) (i), Register, August, 2000, No. 536, eff. 9-1-00; CR 06-064: am. (1) and (8) (f) Register September 2006 No. 609, eff. 10-1-06.
Trans 102.205 Trans 102.205Copying of driver licenses. Any person, including the state or federal government, or an agency or political subdivision thereof, may make a copy of a driver license provided the copy is intended to be used for the identification of the person to whom the license has been issued and the person does not sell or transfer the copies to any third person or include the copy of the driver license photo in any electronic or paper library of images. This provision does not prohibit a lender or business from requesting and making a copy of a driver license as part of an application for credit or other business services and forwarding that copy with the application materials in the ordinary course of business when the commercial paper or business is sold or transferred.
Trans 102.205 Note Note: Amendments to s. 343.43 (1) (f), Stats., enacted as part of 1999 Wis. Act 9 provide the department with authority to adopt this rule with respect to driver licenses. No similar authority exists with regard to the general prohibition against copying identification cards found in s. 343.50 (12) (e), Stats. See State v. Schwolin, 57 Wis. 2d 764 (1973), for general guidance on the copying of identification cards.
Trans 102.205 History History: Cr. Register, August, 2000, No. 536, eff. 9-1-00.
Trans 102.21 Trans 102.21Sponsorship of persons under 18 years of age.
Trans 102.21(1)(1)Definitions. In this section:
Trans 102.21(1)(a) (a) “Adult" means a person who is 18 years of age or older.
Trans 102.21(1)(b) (b) “Foster parent" means a person licensed to operate a foster home or treatment foster home under s. 48.62, Stats.
Trans 102.21(1)(c) (c) “Guardian" means the person named by the court having the duty and authority of guardianship.
Trans 102.21(1)(d) (d) “Minor" means a person less than 18 years of age.
Trans 102.21(1)(e) (e) “Parent" means either a biological parent, a husband who has consented to the artificial insemination of his wife under s. 891.40, Stats., or a parent by adoption. If the child is a nonmarital child who is not adopted or whose parents do not subsequently intermarry under s. 767.803, Stats., “parent" includes a person adjudged in a judicial proceeding to be the biological father. “Parent" does not include any person whose parental rights have been terminated.
Trans 102.21(1)(f) (f) “Stepparent" means a person who is married to the minor's biological or adoptive parent and is not a biological or adoptive parent of the minor.
Trans 102.21 Note Note: The definitions used in pars. (c) and (e) are intended to parallel those in s. 48.02, Stats.
Trans 102.21(2) (2) Adult sponsors. The following adults may sponsor a minor's application for Wisconsin operator's license:
Trans 102.21(2)(a) (a) The minor's parent, stepparent or guardian.
Trans 102.21(2)(b) (b) The minor's spouse.
Trans 102.21(2)(c) (c) The minor's grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or foster parent if the minor does not reside with any of the persons identified in par. (a).
Trans 102.21(2)(d) (d) The person with whom a foreign exchange student resides if the foreign exchange student is from outside the United States and is not residing with any of the persons identified in par. (a).
Trans 102.21(3) (3) Powers of attorney. An adult holding a valid power of attorney may execute the sponsorship form for a minor on behalf of a sponsor.
Trans 102.21 Note Note: The department has a form Durable Power of Attorney, Driver License Sponsorship for Minor that is designed to be used for this purpose, form MV 3627. The form can be obtained from the Division of Motor Vehicles, Bureau of Driver Services, P.O. Box 7920, Madison, WI 53707-7920, telephone (608) 266-2237 or at any motor vehicle services station.
Trans 102.21(4) (4) Proof of identity. A sponsor or attorney-in-fact of a sponsor shall provide proof of identity satisfying the requirements of s. Trans 102.15 (4) when a department representative acts as the witness to a sponsor's or attorney-in-fact's signature.
Trans 102.21 History History: Cr. Register, November, 1994, No. 467, eff. 12-1-94.
Trans 102.23 Trans 102.23Military, firefighting, farmer and emergency government CDL exemptions.
Trans 102.23(1)(1)Purpose. The purpose of this section is to administratively implement the federal waiver for vehicles operated by the United States armed forces, farmers, firefighters and emergency responders, and emergency snowplow drivers for small units of local government permitted under 49 CFR 383.3(c) and (d). This section shall be interpreted and administered consistent with those regulations and in a manner that complies with federal guidelines issued pursuant to those regulations.
Trans 102.23(2) (2) Definitions. In this section:
Trans 102.23(2)(a) (a) “CDL class, endorsement or restriction" means authorization to operate class A, B or C commercial motor vehicles, any endorsement described in s. 343.17 (3) (d), Stats., or any restriction specified in ss. 343.17 (3) (d) or (e), Stats.
Trans 102.23(2)(b) (b) “Local unit of government" means a county, city, village, town, school district, county utility district, sanitary district, metropolitan sewage district, or other public body created by or pursuant to state law.
Trans 102.23(3) (3) Military waiver. No CDL class, endorsement or restriction shall be required of or applied to a person operating a commercial motor vehicle for military purposes, including all of the following:
Trans 102.23(3)(a) (a) Active duty military personnel.
Trans 102.23(3)(b) (b) Members of the military reserves.
Trans 102.23(3)(c) (c) Members of the national guard on active duty, including personnel on full-time national guard duty.
Trans 102.23(3)(d) (d) Personnel on part-time national guard training.
Trans 102.23(3)(e) (e) National guard military technicians.
Trans 102.23 Note Note: National guard military technicians are civilians who are required to wear military uniforms. 49 CFR 383.3 (c).
Trans 102.23(3)(f) (f) Active duty U.S. Coast Guard personnel.
Trans 102.23(4) (4) Military waiver inapplicable. Subsection (3) does not apply to U.S. reserve technicians.
Trans 102.23(5) (5) Farmers. No CDL class, endorsement or restriction shall be required of or applied to any person operating a commercial motor vehicle for farming purposes who meets all of the following criteria:
Trans 102.23(5)(a) (a) The person is operating a farm vehicle that is being used to transport agricultural products, farm machinery, farm supplies or any combination of these goods to or from a farm.
Trans 102.23(5)(b) (b) The vehicle is owned or controlled by a farmer. For purposes of this paragraph, “farmer" means any person who operates a farm or is directly involved with the cultivation of land, crops or livestock which are owned or directly controlled by that person. Farmer includes all persons meeting the definition in s. 340.01 (18) (b), Stats. “Farmer" also includes a corporation, association, cooperative or partnership owned or controlled by farmers and engaged in the business of farming.
Trans 102.23(5)(c) (c) The vehicle is operated by the farmer, the farmer's employees, or the farmer's family members. For purposes of this paragraph, “family member" means any parent, stepparent, grandparent, child, stepchild, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, nephew, niece, grandchildren, as defined in s. 990.001 (16), Stats., whether related by blood or adoption, or the spouses of any such person and any spouse or guardian of the farmer.
Trans 102.23 Note Note: Section 990.001 (16), Stats., includes a chart that makes the relationships described in this section easier to understand.
Trans 102.23(5)(d) (d) The vehicle is used within 150 miles of the farmer's farm.
Trans 102.23(5)(e) (e) The vehicle is not used in the operation of a common or contract motor carrier, as those terms are defined in s. 194.01 (1) and (2), Stats.
Trans 102.23 Note Note: Any shipping for payment in cash or kind is considered contract motor carrier operations. s. 194.01 (2), Stats., 49 CFR 390.5.
Trans 102.23(6) (6) Firefighters and emergency government workers. No CDL class, endorsement or restriction shall be required of or applied to any person operating a commercial motor vehicle necessary to the preservation of life or property or the execution of emergency government functions provided the vehicles are equipped with audible and visual signals and are not subject to normal traffic regulations when using those signals. Vehicles exempt under this subsection include all of the following:
Trans 102.23(6)(a) (a) Fire trucks.
Trans 102.23(6)(b) (b) Hook and ladder trucks.
Trans 102.23(6)(c) (c) Foam or water transport trucks.
Trans 102.23(6)(d) (d) Police SWAT team vehicles.
Trans 102.23(6)(e) (e) Ambulances.
Trans 102.23(6)(f) (f) Rescue squads.
Trans 102.23(6)(g) (g) Command post vehicles.
Trans 102.23 Note Note: The original federal waiver permitted operation of vehicles only in response to emergencies or in the routine performance of other duties. The federal government removed that restriction in promulgating 49 CFR 383.3(d)(2), thereby extending the waiver for other non-routine functions such as parades and vehicle repair. This rule making adopts this extended waiver pursuant to the authority provided in s. 343.055 (5), Stats.
Trans 102.23(7) (7) Snowplow operators. No CDL class, endorsement or restriction shall apply to a person operating a commercial motor vehicle for the purpose of removing snow or ice from a roadway by plowing, salting, sanding, or applying other snow and ice treatment chemicals if all of the following apply:
Trans 102.23(7)(a) (a) The person is an employee of a local unit of government with a population of 3000 or less.
Trans 102.23(7)(b) (b) The person holds a valid license authorizing the operation of class “D" vehicles.
Trans 102.23(7)(c) (c) The person is operating within the boundaries of the local unit of government.
Trans 102.23(7)(d) (d) One of the following:
Trans 102.23(7)(d)1. 1. The properly licensed employee who ordinarily operates a commercial motor vehicle for these purposes is unable to operate the vehicle.
Trans 102.23(7)(d)2. 2. Additional assistance is required in plowing snow because the local unit of government has determined that a snow emergency exists.
Trans 102.23 Note Note: Wisconsin has not adopted restricted CDL license waivers for the pyrotechnic industry permitted at 49 CFR 383.3(g).
Published under s. 35.93, Stats. Updated on the first day of each month. Entire code is always current. The Register date on each page is the date the chapter was last published.