Trans 105.04(3)(a)2. 2. Receive credit for the completed hours of driver training instruction when documentation of instruction is provided by the terminating school to the new school, but shall complete the remaining training with another school to meet the required driver education requirement.
Trans 105.04(3)(b) (b) If the driver school does not refund the fees for the training paid for but not provided, the customer or his or her parent or legal guardian may contact the entity that provided the bond requirements under s. Trans 105.10 for a refund of the fees.
Trans 105.04(5) (5) If an instructor is no longer employed with a driver school, the instructor shall surrender his or her license to the driver school. The driver school shall destroy the instructor's license and notify the department in writing to cancel the license.
Trans 105.04 History History: Cr. Register, November, 1979, No. 287, eff. 12-1-79; CR 06-089: am. (1) and (2), renum. (3) to be (5) and am., cr. (3) Register December 2006 No. 612, eff. 1-1-07.
Trans 105.05 Trans 105.05Driver schools to maintain records.
Trans 105.05(1)(1) The records required by s. 343.71, Stats., shall be made available for inspection at all reasonable times to an authorized representative of the department.
Trans 105.05(2)(a)(a) The records required by s. 343.71 (1m), Stats., shall be kept for 4 years in a readily accessible format, and shall include the following information for each person to whom instruction is given:
Trans 105.05(2)(a)1. 1. The student's last name, first name and middle initial;
Trans 105.05(2)(a)2. 2. The student's date of birth;
Trans 105.05(2)(a)3. 3. The student's home address;
Trans 105.05(2)(a)4. 4. The contract or agreement number; and
Trans 105.05(2)(a)5. 5. The total number of hours of lessons, lectures, tutoring and other instruction or services of any kind relating to motor vehicle operation instructions.
Trans 105.05(2)(b) (b) The information required under par. (a) 1. to 4. shall be recorded within 3 business days after the signing of a contract or agreement between the school and the student.
Trans 105.05(2)(c) (c) The information required under par. (a) 5. shall be recorded within 3 business days after the last instruction or other service has been received by the student.
Trans 105.05(3) (3) The records required by s. 343.71 (1m) (a), Stats., shall be in the form of an individual student record for each person listed in the records required by s. 343.71 (1m), Stats. Such record shall show the student's name, date of birth, and address, and contract or agreement number, dates, types, duration and fees charged, lecture, tutoring, period of instruction or other service relating to instructions in the operation of motor vehicles; the name and license number of the instructor having given each lesson or period of instruction or service relating to instruction in the operation of motor vehicles, and identification of the vehicle in which any behind–the–wheel instruction was given. Schools participating in the cooperative driver testing program under s. Trans 105.015 shall also record the knowledge and highway signs scores for all tests attempted in the student record. The information required by this section shall be entered on the student record within one business day after the completion of each lesson.
Trans 105.05(4) (4) To be approved, the agreement form required to be filed by s. 343.71 (1m) (b), Stats., shall be consecutively numbered, contain the date of application, name of school, type or types of lessons, lectures, tutoring or instruction to be given, fee to be charged or the word none if no charge, the statement, “This constitutes the entire agreement between the school and the customer and no verbal statement or promises will be recognized," signature of customer, signature of student's parent or guardian for customers under the age of 18, address of customer, and signature of owner of school or his or her authorized representative.
Trans 105.05(6) (6) The loss, mutilation, or destruction of records required under this section shall be reported immediately to the department by affidavit, stating:
Trans 105.05(6)(a) (a) The date such records were lost, destroyed, or mutilated;
Trans 105.05(6)(b) (b) The circumstances involving such loss, destruction, or mutilation; and
Trans 105.05(6)(c) (c) To whom and when the loss was reported, if the circumstances of the loss warranted a report to the local law enforcement agency or fire department.
Trans 105.05 History History: Cr. Register, November, 1979, No. 287, eff. 12-1-79; CR 06-089: am. (2) (a) (intro.), (b), (c), (3) and (4), r. (5) Register December 2006 No. 612, eff. 1-1-07.
Trans 105.06 Trans 105.06General rules for conducting driver schools.
Trans 105.06(1)(1) Licensees shall issue receipts for all fees collected.
Trans 105.06(2) (2) To be approved by the department, a driver school's specific place of business required by s. 343.61 (4) (b), Stats., shall:
Trans 105.06(2)(b) (b) Be in an area zoned to permit this type of business or a variance that authorizes the business to operate at this address. The department may require the applicant to furnish written proof thereof from the municipality where the driver school is located.
Trans 105.06(2)(c) (c) Contain sufficient space, designated as the office facility, with equipment and personnel to properly maintain and secure the records required by s. 343.71, Stats., and this chapter.
Trans 105.06(2)(d) (d) Not consist of a tent, temporary stand, house trailer, hotel room, room in a rooming house or temporary address.
Trans 105.06(2)(e) (e) Not consist solely of a telephone answering service. Each school shall have a listed telephone number for the driver training school, in the school's name.
Trans 105.06(2)(f)1.1. Not consist of or include a single or multiple family residence, unless it is a separate room with direct entrance from outside of the residence. This paragraph applies to driver schools first licensed on or after January 1, 2007.
Trans 105.06(2)(f)2. 2. Not consist of or include a single or multiple family residence, unless it is separated from residential use by a door or partition and it can be reached from the outside without entering the residential rooms of the building. This paragraph applies to driver schools first licensed between January 1, 1969 and January 1, 2007. Driver schools licensed prior to January 1, 1969 are exempt from this requirement until either the location or ownership is changed.
Trans 105.06(3) (3) Any facility to be used as a classroom shall be designated in writing by the licensee, and no instruction shall begin without written authorization by the department. Authorization by the department does not supersede local ordinances or the building, heating and ventilation code established by the department of industry, labor and human relations relating to public health, safety and sanitation. The department shall consider the following criteria in determining the suitability of the classroom learning environment:
Trans 105.06(3)(a) (a) Size of room at least 20 square feet per occupant.
Trans 105.06(3)(b) (b) Cleanliness.
Trans 105.06(3)(c) (c) Absence of conflicting noise, disturbances or distractions.
Trans 105.06(3)(d) (d) Audio-visual aids.
Trans 105.06(3)(e) (e) Adequacy of lighting, heating and ventilation.
Trans 105.06(3)(f) (f) Availability of restroom facilities.
Trans 105.06(4) (4) No more than 35 students may be placed in any class section without the department's approval. Class sections in excess of 35 students may be allowed only when facilities and lesson plans justify such instruction.
Trans 105.06(5) (5) A licensee may not solicit business within 1500 feet of any department office where official road tests are given. This section does not apply in any of the following circumstances:
Trans 105.06(5)(a) (a) The department relocates or establishes a new office within 1500 feet of an existing driver school.
Trans 105.06(5)(b) (b) The municipality where the department office is located has a population less than 10,000 and the business district in which the office is located is less than 1500 feet long.
Trans 105.06(5)(c) (c) The department conducts business at the office less than 3 times per month.
Trans 105.06(5)(d) (d) The driver school petitions the department for an exception, and the department, after researching customer needs, location, population, zoning and access, grants an exception.
Trans 105.06(6) (6) Licensees not authorized to teach students under 18 years of age may not advertise in a manner that states or implies that such services are provided.
Trans 105.06(7) (7) Licensees may advertise only by the school name shown on its license.
Trans 105.06(8) (8) Licensees shall supply the information required by s. 343.72 (11), Stats., to the attention of the department immediately upon purchase or lease of each driver training car.
Trans 105.06(9) (9) Licensees may not charge fees in excess of those on file with the department. Fees may be amended at any time, provided such changes are filed with the department not later than the day they become effective.
Trans 105.06(10) (10) Approved dual controls required by s. 343.72 (12), Stats., include but are not limited to a separate brake for the instructor which is located on the right side of the car so the instructor can safely operate the controls, and a separate mirror on the right, outside of the car, positioned so the instructor can view traffic to the rear. An authorized representative of the department may make random inspections to assure compliance with this subsection.
Trans 105.06(11) (11) A licensee using a vehicle that is more than 3 years old or whose odometer reading is greater than 100,000 miles to conduct behind-the-wheel training shall ensure all of the following with respect to the vehicle:
Trans 105.06(11)(a) (a) Be certified to meet all manufacture specifications for the vehicle type, model, and year, within 30 days of being put into service. Certification may be completed by a motor vehicle repair shop. For purposes of this paragraph, a “motor vehicle repair shop" means a natural person, corporation, partnership or other business association or entity engaged in the motor vehicle repair business, but does not include a shop that repairs motor vehicles for a single business entity or for 2 or more entities subject to common control.
Trans 105.06(11)(b) (b) Submit to an annual vehicle inspection certification by an authorized service facility. The inspection shall be done before the annual anniversary date of the certification that the vehicle was put into service. If a vehicle was less than 3 years old, the inspection should be done before the vehicle is 3 years old or before the vehicle's odometer reading is greater than 100,000 miles. The safety certification shall be on a form defined by the department and at a minimum include the name of school, vehicle make, vehicle model, vehicle identification number, and a date and signature certifying the vehicle meets or exceeds safety standards.
Trans 105.06 Note Note: Form MV3264 can be obtained by writing to the Division of Motor Vehicles, Bureau of Driver Services, P. O. Box 7920, Madison, WI 53707-7920, or by calling (608) 264-7095.
Trans 105.06(12) (12) If the department deems a vehicle of any age unsafe, the department shall order a vehicle out of service until it is repaired. If the only vehicle in the school fleet is ordered out of service, the school may not perform behind the wheel instruction until the vehicle is certified as safe. Use of a vehicle after being ordered out of service shall result in points being assessed under s. Trans 105.11.
Trans 105.06(13) (13) Licensees shall give behind-the-wheel instruction only in driver training cars, except such instruction may be given to persons who now hold or previously held an operator's license or have completed 6 clock hours of behind-the-wheel instruction given by a high school, technical college, institution of higher learning, or school licensed by the department.
Trans 105.06(14) (14) The department may deny the application if it determines the school name could be duplicative, confusing or fraudulent. Any change of the school's name, address, or ownership must be approved in advance by the department.
Trans 105.06 History History: Cr. Register, November, 1979, No. 287, eff. 12-1-79 ; correction in (11) made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 6., Stats., Register, August, 1996, No. 488; CR 06-089: am. (2) (intro.), (b), (e), (7) and (10), r. (2) (a), renum. (2) (f), (11) and (12) to be (2) (f) 2., (13) and (14) and am. (2) (f) 2., cr. (2) (f) 1., (3) (f), (11) and (12), r. and recr. (5) Register December 2006 No. 612, eff. 1-1-07.
Trans 105.07 Trans 105.07Special rules for instruction of students under 18 years of age.
Trans 105.07(1)(a) (a) Except as otherwise provided by this section, a licensed driver school may not offer courses in driver education specified in s. 343.06, Stats., without first obtaining the department's approval which shall be evidenced by an endorsement on the license certificate. The endorsement shall specify whether the licensee is authorized to provide classroom instruction or behind-the-wheel instruction, or both to persons under 18 years of age.
Trans 105.07(1)(b) (b) Requests for initial approval under this section shall be accompanied by a course summary. After the course summary has been initially approved, the licensee shall submit to the department for approval any substantial proposed changes prior to their implementation.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1. 1. The course summary shall specify a minimum of one main topic or more for each hour. The classroom course shall cover, but is not limited to the following:
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1.b. b. Responsibility of vehicle operation.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1.c. c. Mechanical and control features of the vehicle.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1.d. d. Environmental dynamics of driving.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1.e. e. Driving procedures: Pre-driving skills and basic maneuvers.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1.f. f. City driving.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1.g. g. Rural driving.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1.h. h. Freeway driving.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1.i. i. Psychophysical aspects of driving.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1.j. j. Vehicle ownership.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1.k. k. Traffic citizenship and highway safety progress.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)1.L. L. Instruction required under s. 343.71 (5), Stats.
Trans 105.07 Note Note: This includes hazards posed by farm machinery, 30 minutes of instruction on organ and tissue donation, and information on motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian awareness.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)2. 2. The behind-the-wheel course shall cover, but is not limited to the following:
Trans 105.07(1)(b)2.a. a. Introduction to the automobile.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)2.b. b. City driving.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)2.c. c. Left and right turns.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)2.d. d. Backing and Y turns.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)2.f. f. Rural driving (including multiple lane and freeway if possible).
Trans 105.07(1)(b)3. 3. Each classroom lesson plan shall cover no more than 2 hours. Each behind–the–wheel lesson plan shall cover no more than one hour. Lesson plans shall be kept on file with the driver school. The lesson plan shall specify the following:
Trans 105.07(1)(b)3.a. a. Title of lesson.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)3.b. b. Session number.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)3.c. c. Time allotted to this lesson.
Trans 105.07(1)(b)3.d. d. Type of lesson (method; such as lecture, demonstration, informal discussion, role playing, laboratory, drill and practice, test, etc.).
Trans 105.07(1)(b)3.e. e. Training aides (chalkboard, slide projector, etc.).
Trans 105.07(1)(b)3.f. f. Statement of objectives.
Published under s. 35.93, Stats. Updated on the first day of each month. Entire code is always current. The Register date on each page is the date the chapter was last published.