Trans 114.07 Trans 114.07Use of uniform traffic citation.
Trans 114.07(1) (1)Use of old forms. Law enforcement agencies may use any of the uniform traffic citation forms that have been printed and are in use or storage, until stores of printed forms are consumed.
Trans 114.07(2) (2)Newly printed forms. All uniform traffic citation forms printed after October 1, 2015, shall conform to the requirements of s. Trans 114.06.
Trans 114.07(3) (3)Notice of court date required on completed citation. In addition to the information specified in s. 345.11 (2), Stats., the completed uniform traffic citation served on a defendant driver shall include the date and time at which the defendant driver is required to appear in court or by which the defendant driver must post deposit or bail for the offense or pay the forfeiture.
Trans 114.07 Note Note: At the time the Uniform Traffic Citation was initially created, different jurisdictions printed and used different forms. Use of those forms was prohibited and remains prohibited. Subsequent changes to the uniform traffic citation, however, are largely cosmetic and have been made for convenience of law enforcement, the courts and the Department. All uniform traffic citation forms provide the essential information needed by a defendant, the courts and DOT. Therefore, this chapter permits old stores of forms to be used as a cost-saving measure for law enforcement agencies. Using up old stores of forms also helps to prevent misuse of discarded forms.
Trans 114.07 History History: Emerg. cr. eff. 7-16-90; cr. Register, October, 1990, No. 418, eff. 11-1-90; CR 02-153: am. (1), r. and recr. (2) Register June 2003 No. 570, eff. 7-1-03; CR 12-019: cr. (1) (title), (2) (title), am. (2), cr. (3) Register September 2015 No. 717, eff. 10-1-15.
Trans 114.08 Trans 114.08Changes to the uniform traffic citation.
Trans 114.08(1)(1) The secretary may change the citation content and format in this chapter without rule making in order to:
Trans 114.08(1)(a) (a) Change the order of fields for data processing purposes.
Trans 114.08(1)(b) (b) Make any change needed to conform the form to changes in state law.
Trans 114.08(1)(c) (c) Make any content or format change on the reverse side of page one of the form requested by the director of state courts.
Trans 114.08 Note Note: The reverse side of page one of the form is shown in Figure 2 to this rule.
Trans 114.08(1)(d) (d) Make any content or format change on the reverse side of page 4 of the form requested by law enforcement agencies.
Trans 114.08 Note Note: The reverse side of page one of the form is shown in Figure 5 to this rule.
Trans 114.08(2) (2) Any change made under this section shall be promptly reported to the council on uniformity of traffic citations and complaints.
Trans 114.08 Note Note: The Department adopts this provision as necessary to the implementation and operation of s. 345.11(4), Stats., at the recommendation of the Council on Uniformity of Traffic Citations and Complaints.
Trans 114.08 Note Conforming the traffic citation to changes in state law without rule making or to changing the form or content of the citation may be accomplished without rule making. s. 227.01(13)(j) and (q), Stats. The provisions of sub. (1)(c) and (d) should not be used by the Department to make substantive changes relating to the use of the Uniform Traffic Citation. Clearinghouse Rules 02-153 Comments, Wisconsin Legislative Council Rules Clearinghouse.
Trans 114.08 History History: CR 02-153: cr. Register June 2003 No. 570, eff. 7-1-03.
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