Register July 2023 No. 811
Chapter Trans 131
Trans 131.01   Purpose and scope.
Trans 131.02   Definitions.
Trans 131.03   Emission inspection and reinspection.
Trans 131.04   Waiver of compliance.
Trans 131.05   Waiver emission equipment inspection.
Trans 131.06   Inspection compliance.
Trans 131.07   Voluntary inspections.
Trans 131.08   Letter of temporary exemption from emission inspection requirements.
Trans 131.09   Temporary operating permits.
Trans 131.10   Reciprocity.
Trans 131.11   Audits of inspection facilities.
Trans 131.12   Equipment specifications and quality control.
Trans 131.13   Licensing of inspectors.
Trans 131.14   Remote sensing.
Trans 131.15   Performance monitoring of repair facilities.
Trans 131.16   Automotive emission repair technician training.
Trans 131.17   Notification of inspection requirements.
Ch. Trans 131 Note Note: Chapter Trans 131 as it existed on June 30, 1993 was repealed and a new ch. Trans 131 was created effective July 1, 1993.
Trans 131.01 Trans 131.01Purpose and scope.
Trans 131.01(1)(1)Statutory authority. As authorized by ss. 110.06, 110.20 (9) and 227.11 (2) (a), Stats., the purpose of this chapter is to establish the department's administrative interpretation of s. 110.20, Stats., relating to a motor vehicle emissions inspection program.
Trans 131.01(2) (2) Applicability. This chapter applies to all nonexempt vehicles customarily kept in those counties certified by the department of natural resources under s. 110.20 (5) (a), Stats. It also applies to all nonexempt vehicles customarily kept in any county whose board of supervisors has adopted a resolution under s. 110.20 (5) (b), Stats., requesting the department establish an inspection and maintenance program, and applies to any nonexempt vehicle which a person presents for a voluntary inspection at an inspection station pursuant to s. 110.20 (7), Stats., and s. Trans 131.07. For purposes of determining where a vehicle is customarily kept, the county of domicile as indicated by the vehicle owner and contained in the department's title data base shall be used. In the absence of an indicated county of domicile, the owner or lessee's post office address shall be used to determine county of domicile. The department may determine whether the vehicle domicile location is consistent with the owner or lessee's post office address or with other information that indicates the customary location of the vehicle. The department may change a vehicle domicile location in department title records to make it consistent with the results of its determination, and may require the vehicle to undergo emission inspection as required in this chapter. If the vehicle owner or lessee disputes the department's determination, the vehicle owner or lessee may present evidence satisfactory to the department of the correct vehicle domicile location. The department decision as to correct vehicle domicile location shall be the final decision of the department.
Trans 131.01 Note Note: Forms used in this chapter are MV 2016, substitute renewal notice; MV 2470, vehicle inspection report; MV 2472, application for letter of temporary exemption from emission test requirements; MV 2588, exchanged engine certificate; MV 2594, quality assurance inspection report. Copies can be obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Dealer and Agent Section, P. O. Box 7909, Madison, WI 53707-7909.
Trans 131.01 History History: Cr. Register, June, 1993, No. 450, eff. 7-1-93; CR 07-114: am. (2) Register June 2008 No. 630, eff. 7-1-08; CR 10-088: am. (2) Register December 2010 No. 660, eff. 1-1-11.
Trans 131.02 Trans 131.02Definitions. Words and phrases defined in s. 110.20, Stats., have the same meaning in this chapter unless a different definition is specified. In this chapter:
Trans 131.02(1) (1)“Air pollution control equipment" or “emission equipment" means any equipment or feature which constitutes an operational element, device or mechanism which is part of the air pollution control system on a motor vehicle.
Trans 131.02(1m) (1m)“Authorized inspection facility" means a self-service inspection facility, or a private inspection facility, or an inspection station or facility operated by the department, or by a contractor or subcontractor authorized by the department to perform emission inspections.
Trans 131.02(2) (2)“CO" means carbon monoxide.
Trans 131.02(3m) (3m)“Collector vehicle" means a nonexempt vehicle with a collector special interest vehicle registration under s. 341.266, Stats.
Trans 131.02(6) (6)“Contractor" means a person with whom the department has a contract that provides for the operation of one or more inspection stations or for the performance of emission inspection at an authorized inspection facility other than an inspection station or for the performance of a service related to the Wisconsin vehicle emission inspection program.
Trans 131.02(6m) (6m)“DLC" means data link connector on a vehicle equipped with an OBD II system.
Trans 131.02(6r) (6r)“DTC" means diagnostic trouble code stored by a vehicle's OBD II system.
Trans 131.02(7) (7)“Department" means the Wisconsin department of transportation.
Trans 131.02(8) (8)“Electronic reporting," “electronically reported" or “reported electronically" means reported directly to the department or its contractor electronically in a format specified by the department.
Trans 131.02(9) (9)“Emission limitations" means the maximum vehicle emission concentrations in s. NR 485.04.
Trans 131.02 Note Note: Chapter NR 485 may be obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Air Management, P.O. Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707.
Trans 131.02(10) (10)“Emission inspection" means the OBD II inspection.
Trans 131.02(12) (12)“Exempt vehicles" means all vehicles other than nonexempt vehicles which are identified in s. 285.30 (5), Stats., and s. NR 485.04 (10).
Trans 131.02(13) (13)“Exhaust emission" or “exhaust gas" means the combination of substances emitted into the atmosphere from the tailpipe or tailpipes of a motor vehicle.
Trans 131.02(15) (15)“Federal rule" means 40 CFR part 51, subpart S, inspection/maintenance program requirements; final rule.
Trans 131.02 Note Note: All references made to the Federal Rule in this document are to 40 CFR Part 51, Subpart S Inspection/Maintenance Program Requirements; Final Rule dated November 5, 1992, as amended through January 1, 2001.
Trans 131.02(17) (17)“GPM" means grams per mile.
Trans 131.02(18) (18)“GVWR" means gross vehicle weight rating and has the same meaning as provided in s. 340.01 (19r), Stats.
Trans 131.02(19) (19) “ Government vehicle" means a motor vehicle both owned by this state or by any county, municipality, or federally-recognized American Indian tribe or band and registered under s. 341.26 (2m), Stats., or a vehicle owned or leased by the United States.
Trans 131.02(20) (20)“HC" means hydrocarbon.
Trans 131.02(20m) (20m)“Hobbyist vehicle" means a nonexempt vehicle with a hobbyist registration under s. 341.268, Stats.
Trans 131.02(21) (21)“Homemade vehicle" has the same meaning as provided in s. 341.268, Stats.
Trans 131.02(22) (22)“Inspection" means the mandatory vehicle emission inspection required by s. 110.20, Stats., consisting of an OBD II inspection.
Trans 131.02(23) (23)“Inspection report" has the same meaning as provided in sub. (54).
Trans 131.02(24) (24)“Inspection station" means an inspection facility operated by a party under contract with the department for the purpose of conducting vehicle emission inspections required by s. 110.20, Stats.
Trans 131.02(25) (25)“Inspector" means the individual who performs the vehicle emission inspection for the contractor or subcontractor.
Trans 131.02(26) (26)“MIL" means malfunction indicator lamp.
Trans 131.02(28) (28)“Master automotive technician" means a person possessing the highest level of any nationally recognized certification organization for automotive emission-related diagnosis and repair.
Trans 131.02(29) (29)“Model year" means the date of manufacture of the original vehicle within the annual production period of the vehicle as designated by the manufacturer, or if a reconstructed or homemade vehicle, the first year of titling. If the manufacturer does not designate a production period, the term “model year" means the calendar year of manufacture. Determination of model year shall be as indicated in the VIN or on the vehicle's registration documents.
Trans 131.02(31) (31)“New vehicle" means a motor vehicle to which the legal title has never been transferred to an ultimate retail purchaser as defined in s. Trans 139.02.
Trans 131.02(34) (34)“OBD II" means the on-board diagnostic system installed on 1996 and newer vehicles by the manufacturer that meets the regulations promulgated by the USEPA under 42 USC 7401-7671q.
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