Register April 2018 No. 748
Chapter Trans 301
Trans 301.01   Purpose.
Trans 301.02   Scope.
Trans 301.03   Definitions.
Trans 301.04   Federal regulations adopted.
Subchapter I — Operation
Trans 301.05   Driver requirements.
Trans 301.06   Vehicle owner and employer requirements.
Trans 301.07   Out of service.
Subchapter II — Equipment Standards
Trans 301.09   Equipment standards.
Trans 301.10   Aisle.
Trans 301.11   Brakes.
Trans 301.12   Bumpers.
Trans 301.13   Construction.
Trans 301.14   Communications.
Trans 301.15   Defroster.
Trans 301.16   Emergency exit.
Trans 301.17   Floor and floor covering.
Trans 301.18   Exhaust system.
Trans 301.19   Fire extinguisher.
Trans 301.20   First aid kit.
Trans 301.21   Fuel tank and fuel system integrity.
Trans 301.22   Heaters.
Trans 301.23   Instruments and gauges.
Trans 301.24   Interior.
Trans 301.25   Lights, lamps, and reflectors.
Trans 301.26   Mirrors.
Trans 301.27   Openings.
Trans 301.28   Rub rails.
Trans 301.29   Seating.
Trans 301.30   Service door.
Trans 301.31   Steering.
Trans 301.32   Steps.
Trans 301.33   Suspension system.
Trans 301.34   Tires.
Trans 301.35   Windows and windshields.
Trans 301.36   Windshield wipers and washers.
Trans 301.37   Wiring.
Subchapter III — Special Equipment Requirements
Trans 301.60   General requirements.
Trans 301.61   Special service opening.
Trans 301.62   Power lift.
Trans 301.63   Ramps.
Trans 301.64   Stanchions and barriers.
Trans 301.65   Wheelchair fasteners.
Trans 301.66   Seats and restraints.
Subchapter IV — Inspection and Enforcement Standards
Trans 301.95   General requirements.
Trans 301.96   Enforcement.
Ch. Trans 301 Note Note: Chapter Trans 301 was created as an emergency rule effective December 1, 1981.
Trans 301.01 Trans 301.01Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to promote the safe transportation of persons in a vehicle utilized as a human services vehicle.
Trans 301.01 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1982, No. 315, eff. 4-1-82; am. Register, April, 1997, No. 496, eff. 5-1-97.
Trans 301.02 Trans 301.02Scope. This chapter is promulgated under authorization granted in s. 110.05, Stats. This chapter is intended to provide specific safety related standards regarding design, construction and equipment requirements for new and in-use human services vehicles. This chapter may require different standards for vehicles of various size and use. It provides for the inspection and operation of human services vehicles as defined in this chapter.
Trans 301.02 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1982, No. 315, eff. 4-1-82; am. Register, April, 1997, No. 496, eff. 5-1-97.
Trans 301.03 Trans 301.03Definitions.
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