Register May 2014 No. 701
Chapter Trans 305
Subchapter I — General Provisions
Trans 305.01   Purpose and scope.
Trans 305.02   Applicability.
Trans 305.03   Enforcement.
Trans 305.04   Penalty.
Trans 305.05   Definitions.
Trans 305.06   Identification of vehicles.
Trans 305.065   Homemade, replica, street modified, reconstructed and off-road vehicles.
Subchapter II — Automobiles, Motor Homes and Light Trucks
Trans 305.07   Definitions.
Trans 305.075   Auxiliary lamps.
Trans 305.08   Back-up lamp.
Trans 305.09   Direction signal lamps.
Trans 305.10   Hazard warning lamps.
Trans 305.11   Headlamps.
Trans 305.12   Parking lamps.
Trans 305.13   Registration plate lamp.
Trans 305.14   Side marker lamps, clearance lamps and reflectors.
Trans 305.15   Stop lamps.
Trans 305.16   Tail lamps.
Trans 305.17   Brakes.
Trans 305.18   Bumpers.
Trans 305.19   Doors, hoods, locks, latches and door handles.
Trans 305.20   Exhaust and air pollution control systems.
Trans 305.21   Floor pan and firewall.
Trans 305.22   Fenders and projecting parts.
Trans 305.23   Frames.
Trans 305.24   Fuel systems.
Trans 305.25   Horn.
Trans 305.26   Mirrors.
Trans 305.27   Restraining devices and seats.
Trans 305.28   Speed indicator and odometer.
Trans 305.29   Steering and suspension.
Trans 305.30   Tires and rims.
Trans 305.31   Modifications affecting height of a vehicle.
Trans 305.32   Vent, side and rear windows.
Trans 305.33   Windshield defroster-defogger.
Trans 305.34   Windshields.
Trans 305.35   Windshield wipers.
Subchapter III — Motorcycles
Trans 305.37   Applicability of subch. II.
Trans 305.38   Brakes.
Trans 305.39   Exhaust system.
Trans 305.40   Fenders and bumpers.
Trans 305.41   Fuel system.
Trans 305.42   Horn.
Trans 305.43   Lighting.
Trans 305.44   Mirrors.
Trans 305.45   Sidecars.
Trans 305.46   Suspension system.
Trans 305.47   Tires, wheels and rims.
Subchapter IV — Heavy Trucks, Trailers and Semitrailers
Trans 305.48   Definitions.
Trans 305.485   Applicability of subch. II.
Trans 305.49   Axle control valves.
Trans 305.50   Bed and body on trailers and semitrailers.
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