Register April 2016 No. 724
Chapter UWS 15
UWS 15.01   Limited appointments.
UWS 15.01 UWS 15.01Limited appointments.
UWS 15.01(1) (1) A limited appointment under s. 36.17, Stats., is a special appointment to a designated administrative position. A person in this type of appointment serves at the pleasure of the authorized official who made the appointment. A member of the academic staff granted a limited appointment shall not lose existing rights to an academic staff appointment by accepting the limited appointment, and a member of the faculty granted a limited appointment shall not lose existing rights to a faculty appointment by accepting the limited appointment. Termination of a limited appointment is not a dismissal under ch. UWS 4 or 11 and is not otherwise appealable. Wherever possible 3 months' notice of termination should be given if the appointee does not hold simultaneously another university appointment.
UWS 15.01(2) (2) Limited appointments apply to the following positions: president, senior vice president, provost, vice president, associate vice president, assistant vice president, chancellor, vice chancellor, associate chancellor, assistant to the chancellor, assistant chancellor, associate vice chancellor, assistant vice chancellor, college campus dean, secretary of the board, associate secretary of the board, assistant secretary of the board, trust officer and assistant trust officer, and such other administrative positions as the board, the president, or the chancellor determines at the time of the appointment.
UWS 15.01 History History: Cr. Register, October, 1975, No. 238, eff. 11-1-75; am. (1), Register, June, 1977, No. 258, eff. 7-1-77; 2015 Wis. Act 330: am. (2) Register April 2016 No. 724, eff. 5-1-16.
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