Register April 2016 No. 724
Chapter UWS 6
UWS 6.01   Complaints.
UWS 6.02   Grievances.
UWS 6.01 UWS 6.01Complaints. The faculty of each institution, with the approval of the chancellor, shall establish rules and procedures to deal with allegations by the administration, students, academic staff members, other faculty members, university staff members, or members of the public concerning conduct by a faculty member which violates university rules or policies, or which adversely affects the faculty member's performance of his/her obligation to the university but which allegations are not serious enough to warrant dismissal proceedings under ch. UWS 4. Such rules and procedures shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:
UWS 6.01(1) (1) Review of and administrative action on the complaint by the chancellor. Administrative action may include dismissing the complaint, invoking an appropriate disciplinary action, or referring the complaint to the standing faculty committee created under sub. (2).
UWS 6.01(2) (2) Provision for a hearing before a standing faculty committee selected by the faculty of each institution in such manner as they shall determine. Such hearing shall be held at the request of the chancellor or, if the chancellor invokes a disciplinary action, at the request of the faculty member concerned.
UWS 6.01(3) (3) Guarantee of adequate due process to include, but not limited to, written notification of the complaint, fair and complete hearing procedures, written statement of findings, transmittal of findings to the faculty member involved and appropriate administrative officials within a reasonable period of time, and prohibition of further jeopardy for the same alleged misconduct after a final decision.
UWS 6.01(4) (4) Delineation of the powers of the faculty committee to make recommendations to the chancellor concerning disciplinary action, to recommend dismissal of the complaint, or to recommend referral of the complaint to the appropriate department or administrative officer.
UWS 6.01(5) (5) The decision by the chancellor on the recommendations of the committee, or on the complaint in the absence of committee recommendation, shall be final except that the board at its option might grant a review on the record.
UWS 6.01 History History: Cr. Register, January, 1975, No. 229, eff. 2-1-75; 2015 Wis. Act 330: am. (intro.) Register April 2016 No. 724, eff. 5-1-16.
UWS 6.02 UWS 6.02Grievances. The faculty of each institution shall designate a committee or other appropriate faculty body to hear faculty grievances under rules and procedures established by the faculty of the institution in conjunction with the chancellor. The committee or faculty body shall have the power to conduct hearings and fact-finding related to the grievance and to recommend solutions to the grievance to the chancellor. If the committee or other body makes recommendations to the chancellor, the chancellor shall act on the recommendations within 30 days. The decision by the chancellor on the recommendation of the committee, or on the grievance in the absence of committee recommendation, shall be final except that the board, upon petition of a grievant or the committee or other faculty body, may grant a review on the record.
UWS 6.02 History History: Cr. Register, January, 1975, No. 229, eff. 2-1-75; am. Register, April, 1989, No. 400, eff. 5-1-89.
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