Register July 2022 No. 799
Chapter VE 1
Subchapter I – Authority and Definitions
VE 1.01   Authority.
VE 1.02   Definitions.
Subchapter II – Examinations
VE 1.04   Administration.
VE 1.06   Competency tested.
VE 1.08   Passing scores.
VE 1.10   Claim of examination error.
Subchapter III – Licensure
VE 1.12   License exemptions.
VE 1.14   Qualifications for licensure; examination or endorsement.
VE 1.16   Qualifications for licensure by examination.
VE 1.18   Qualifications for licensure by endorsement.
VE 1.20   Licensure review by board.
VE 1.22   Reciprocal credentials for service members, former services members, their spouses.
VE 1.24   Issuing a license.
VE 1.26   Administrative fees.
VE 1.28   Renewal of license.
VE 1.30   Continuing education; requirements.
VE 1.32   Continuing education; programs and courses.
Subchapter IV – Permits
VE 1.34   Temporary veterinary permits.
VE 1.36   Veterinary consulting permits.
Subchapter V – Practice Related to Veterinary Schools
VE 1.38   Faculty license.
VE 1.40   Post graduate training permit.
VE 1.42   Veterinary students.
Subchapter VI – Standards of Practice and Unprofessional Conduct
VE 1.44   Delegation of veterinary medical acts.
VE 1.46   Veterinary consulting.
VE 1.48   Veterinary referral to a license holder in another profession.
VE 1.50   Veterinary telemedicine.
VE 1.52   Records.
VE 1.54   Change of name and address.
VE 1.56   Display of license.
VE 1.58   Unprofessional conduct.
VE 1.60   Board action.
Ch. VE 1 Note Note: Chapter VE 1 as it existed on July 31, 2022, was repealed and a new Chapter VE 1 was created Register July 2022 No. 799, effective August 1, 2022.
subch. I of ch. VE 1 Subchapter I – Authority and Definitions
VE 1.01 VE 1.01 Authority. The rules in this chapter are adopted by the veterinary examining board pursuant to the authority delegated by ss. 15.08 (5), 89.03 (1) and (2), and 227.11 (2), Stats.
VE 1.01 History History: CR 21-062: cr. Register July 2022 No. 799, eff. 8-1-22.
VE 1.02 VE 1.02 Definitions. In this chapter:
VE 1.02(1) (1) “ AAVSB” means the American Association of Veterinary State Boards.
VE 1.02(2) (2) “ Accredited college or university” means an educational institution that is accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. department of education.
VE 1.02(3) (3) “ Advertising” means to give notice by any means, including any circular, card, notice, telephone book listing, magazine, newspaper or other printed material or any electronic medium.
VE 1.02(4) (4) “ Approved veterinary college” means a veterinary college which is AVMA accredited or approved.
VE 1.02(5) (5) “ Attending veterinarian” means the veterinarian who holds the VCPR and is responsible for the medical care and treatment of the animal.
VE 1.02(6) (6) “ AVMA” means the American Veterinary Medical Association.
VE 1.02(7) (7) “ Board” means the veterinary examining board.
VE 1.02 Note Note: The board office is located at 2811 Agriculture Drive, P.O. Box 8911, Madison, Wisconsin 53708-8911.
VE 1.02(8) (8) “ Client” has the meaning set forth at s. 89.02 (3), Stats.
VE 1.02(9) (9) “ Department” has the meaning set forth at s. 89.02 (3d), Stats.
VE 1.02(10) (10) “Informed consent” means the veterinarian has informed the client or the client's authorized representative, in a manner understood by the client or the client's authorized representative, of the diagnostic and treatment options, risk assessment, and prognosis, and the client or the client's authorized representative has consented to the recommended treatment.
VE 1.02(11) (11) “License” means a credential issued to a person by the board signifying the person has met the requirements of ss. 89.06 (1) or (2m) (a) or 89.072, Stats., to practice veterinary medicine in this state.
VE 1.02(12) (12) “NAVLE” means the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination.
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