CVRB     Crime Victims Rights Board
CU     Credit Unions Commissioner
DE     Dentistry Examining Board
DOD     Development
DI     Dietitians Affiliated Credentialing Board
EAB     Educational Approval Board
ElBd     Elections Board
EL     Elections Commission
E     Electrical Code, Volume 1 or 2
WEM     Emergency Management Division
SERB     Emergency Response Board
ERB     Emergency Response Board (September 1994-)
ETF     Employee Trust Funds
ERB     Employment Relations Commission (January 1956-August, 1994)
ERC     Employment Relations Commission
ER     Employment Relations, Office of State
ER-MRS     Employment Relations, Office of State-Merit Recruitment and Selection Division
ER-Pers     Employment Relations-Division of Personnel
EEB     Environmental Education Board
Eth     Ethics Board
DFI-Gen     Financial Institutions-General
DFI-Bkg     Financial Institutions-Banking
DFI-CCS   Financial Institutions-Corporate and Consumer Services
DFI-CU     Financial Institutions-Credit Unions
DFI-SB     Financial Institutions-Savings Banks
DFI-SL     Financial Institutions-Savings and Loan
DFI-Sec     Financial Institutions-Securities
DFI-WCA   Financial Institutions-Wisconsin Consumer Act
FDE     Funeral Directors Examining Board
FD     Funeral Directors Examining Board
WGC     Gaming Commission
Game     Gaming Division
GHSS     Geologists, Hydrologists and Soil Scientists, Joint Board of Professional
GAB     Government Accountability Board
Grp     Group Insurance (Employee Trust Funds)
H     Health (Health and Social Services)
HFS     Health and Family Services
DHS     Health Services
HSS     Health and Social Services
HAD     Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Examining Board
HAS     Hearing and Speech Examining Board
HA     Hearings and Appeals
HEA     Higher Educational Aids Board
Hy     Highway (Transportation)
HS     Historical Society
HRSC     Hospital Rate-Setting Commission
ILHR     Industry, Labor and Human Relations
Ind     Industry, Labor and Human Relations
Ind-UC     Industry, Labor and Human Relations Unemployment Compensation
Ins     Insurance Commissioner
IB     Investment Board
JC     Judicial Commission
Jus     Justice
LIRC     Labor and Industry Review Commission
LES     Law Enforcement Standards Board
LAD     Local Affairs and Development
LOT     Lottery Board
RB     Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board
MPSW     Marriage & Family Therapy, Counseling & Social Worker Examining Board
Med     Medical Examining Board
MVD     Motor Vehicles (Transportation)
NR     Natural Resources
N     Nursing Board
NHA     Nursing Home Administrator Examining Board
OT     Occupational Therapists Affiliated Credentialing Board
Opt     Optometry Examining Board
PAC     Parole Commission
PB     Personnel Board
PC     Personnel Commission
Pers     Personnel Director
Phar     Pharmacy Examining Board
Ph-Int     Pharmacy Internship
PT     Physical Therapists
Pod     Podiatrists Affiliated Credentialing Board
PIB     Potato Industry Board
Psy     Psychology Examining Board
PD     Public Defender Board
SPD     Public Defender Board
PI     Public Instruction
PR     Public Records Board
PSC     Public Service Commission
PW     Public Welfare (Health and Social Services)
PW-PA     Public Welfare-Public Assistance
PW-MA     Public Welfare-Medical Assistance
PW-CY     Public Welfare-Children & Youth
RACE     Racing Board
RR     Railroads Commissioner
REB or REEB   Real Estate Examining Board
RL     Regulation and Licensing