Wisconsin Legislature

Emergency Rule EmR1830

Status: Expired or Superseded by CR 18-087

Department of Children and Families (DCF)

Administrative Code Chapter Group Affected:

Chs. DCF 101-199; Family and Economic Security

Administrative Code Chapter Affected:

Ch. DCF 150 (Revised)

Related to: Correction affecting the determination of child support when the parents have shared placement and the payer receives the child’s SSDI benefits

Comments for this rule have closed

Statement of Scope: SS 106-18

Related Permanent Rule: CR 18-087

Date Statement of Scope Approved by Governor: September 6, 2018

Date Statement of Scope Expires Under s. 227.135 (5), Stats.: March 10, 2021

Date Rule Text Approved by Governor: November 1, 2018

Rule Text: EmR1830 Rule Text

Date Filed With LRB: November 7, 2018

Date Published: November 8, 2018

Effective Start Date: November 8, 2018

Expiration Date: April 6, 2019

Extended Expiration Date: August 4, 2019

Second Extension

Register Entries

Date Register File
11/12/2018755A2, Emergency Rules Filed with Legislative Reference BureauEmR1830 Fiscal Estimate
11/12/2018755A2, Emergency Rules Filed with Legislative Reference BureauEmR1830 Rule Text
12/3/2018756A1, Rule-Making Notices (Hearing Notices)CR 18-087, EmR1830 Hearing Information
12/3/2018756A1, Notices of Submittal of Proposed Rules to Legislative Council ClearinghouseCR 18-087
3/4/2019759A1, Notices of Submittal of Rules to Legislature in Final Draft FormCR 18-087
6/10/2019762A2, Final Permanent Rules Filed with LRB for Administrative Code PublicationCR 18-087
6/24/2019762B, Final Rules Published in Administrative Code and Final Regulatory Flexibility AnalysesCR 18-087 Rule Text
6/24/2019762B, CR 18-087