Wisconsin Administrative Code Index
This is an index of all the current rules which have been filed and published up to and including January 31, 2016.
The entries designate the place where a rule is to be found. For example:
Certified public accountant, examination:
Applicant's experience, training and educational background, Accy 3.02
This entry means that the Accounting Examining Board Code contains information with reference to the examination of an applicant under the heading, "Certified public accountant, examination"; that the applicant's experience, training and educational background requirements are found in chapter 3, section 2 of the Accounting rules. The chapter number is to the left of the decimal point and the section number is to the right. Page numbers are not referred to in this index, and the state agencies are arranged in the binders in alphabetical order. (See the table of contents in the front of each volume.)
Suggestions for the improvement of the index or a report of errors and omissions will be appreciated.
abortions ABORTIONS
Definition, Med 11.02
After 12 weeks, Med 11.05
First 12 weeks, Med 11.04
accounting examining board ACCOUNTING EXAMINING BOARD
Applications for certificate to practice, expiration, Accy 7.07
Biennial registration, individual and firm, Ch. Accy 4
Contingent fees, commissions and referral fees, Accy 1.302
Education requirements, Ch. Accy 7
Examinations, certified public accountants:
Application, Accy 3.05
Authority, Accy 3.01
C.P.A. examination, Accy 3.03
Cheating, Accy 3.09
Education and experience, Accy 3.04
Ethics examination, Accy 3.10
Grades from other states, Accy 3.08
Graduation verification, Accy 3.055
Reexamination, Accy 3.06
Review, Accy 3.11
Scores, release or invalidation, Accy 3.055
Experience evaluations, Ch. Accy 5
Peer review, Ch. Accy 9
Reciprocity qualifications, Ch. Accy 8
Rules of conduct, Ch. Accy 1
Applicability of rules, Accy 1.001
Applicability of rules to accountants who operate a separate business, Accy 1.002
Competence, Accy 1.201
Miscellaneous responsibilities, Accy 1.401 to 1.408
Responsibilities to clients, Accy 1.301 to 1.302
Technical standards, Accy 1.202 to 1.205
accounting, selected dairy products ACCOUNTING, SELECTED DAIRY PRODUCTS
Accounting system, ATCP 103.09
Cost analysis, ATCP 103.08
Costs, defined, ATCP 103.03
Definitions, ATCP 103.01
Depreciation, ATCP 103.07
Expense categories, ATCP 103.10, 103.11
Expenses, distribution, ATCP 103.04, 103.15
Fringe benefits, ATCP 103.06
Personnel, charges, ATCP 103.05
Report, duty to file, ATCP 103.02
Unit costs:
Container, ATCP 103.12
Labor, ATCP 103.11
Platform, ATCP 103.14
Wholesale, ATCP 103.16
acupuncturists ACUPUNCTURISTS
Certification, Ch. SPS 71