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Notices of Nonacquiescence
Notice of Nonacquiescence
Department of Workforce Development
(Labor & Industry Review Commission)
In the matter of the contribution liability, :
or status, under Chapter 108, Wis. Stats., of
: Hearing No. S9500228MW
  Account No. 067446-9 :
Please take notice that the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, f/k/a the Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations (department), pursuant to Wis. Stats., s. 108.10 (7) (b), has chosen to nonacquiesce in the decision of the Labor and Industry Review Commission (commission) dated June 21, 1996.
More specifically, the Department does not acquiesce in the commission's construction of s. 108.02 (15) (L), Wis. Stats., to permit a corporation to exclude from employe status an officer who has deliberately chosen not to obtain any of the corporate stock or to otherwise have an ownership interest in the corporation. Accordingly, pursuant to s. 108.10 (7) (a), Wis. Stats., the department does not intend to follow or apply the commission's decision in this case in other cases, and the department will not be bound in other cases by the commission's decision in this case.
Notice of Nonacquiescence
Department of Revenue
(Tax Appeals Commission)

v. :
Docket No. 94-S-209

Respondent. :
Pursuant to s. 73.01 (4) (e) 2., Stats., the respondent hereby gives notice that, although it is not appealing the Order of the Tax Appeals Commission rendered in the above-captioned matter dated April 23, 1996, as affected by the Correction Order dated May 3, 1996 and the Decision and Order Upon Rehearing dated July 15, 1996, it has adopted a position of nonacquiescence in regard to those parts of the Order which reverse the assessment for use tax on equipment and other items not incorporated, consumed or destroyed in performing testing services on work-in-process samples for manufacturers. The effect of this action is that, although said Order is binding on the parties for the instant case, the Commission's conclusions of law, the rationale and construction of statutes with regard to exemption for equipment and other items not incorporated, consumed or destroyed in performing testing services on work-in-process samples for manufacturers are not binding upon or required to be followed by the respondent in other cases.
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