(8) “Poll worker" means a person who staffs a polling place on election day to assist in holding the election.
(9) “State directory of new hires" means an automated directory containing information supplied by employers about each newly hired employe, pursuant to s. 103.05, Stats.
DWD 42.03 Reporting requirements. (1) REPORT CONTENTS. Except as provided in sub. (2)(b) and s. DWD 42.04(b), each employer that has one or more employes who perform services in Wisconsin shall file a report containing the following information with the department:
(a) Newly hired employe's name.
(b) Newly hired employe's address.
(c) Newly hired employe's social security number.
(d) Employer's name.
(e) Employer's payroll address for the newly hired employe.
(f) Employer's federal employer identification number.
(g) Date the newly hired employe started work.
(h) Employe's date of birth.
(2) REPORT FORMAT. (a) An employer may file new hire reports in any of the following ways:
  1. Electronically, as prescribed by the department.
  2. On paper by submitting a copy of the newly hired employe's completed WT-4 form (Employe's Wisconsin Withholding Exemption Certificate/New Hire Reporting).
  3. On paper by submitting a paper report containing all of the information required under sub. (1).
  4. On paper by submitting a copy of the newly hired employe's completed federal W-4 form (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate).
(b) If an employer files a new hire report by submitting a copy of the newly hired employe's W-4 that contains completed reporting requirements (a) through (f) of sub. (1), then the employer has satisfied the reporting requirement.
(3) REPORT DUE DATES. (a) Except as provided in par. (b), a report must be filed within 20 days after the newly hired employe starts work.
(b) If an employer is filing new hire reports electronically, reports must be filed twice monthly, not less than 12 days nor more than 16 days apart.
(c) If the deadline for filing a report falls on a Saturday, Sunday, any of the holidays enumerated under ss. 230.35 (4) (a) and 757.17, Stats., or any other day on which mail is not delivered by the United States postal service, then the deadline shall be extended to include the next business day.
(4) The department may waive the requirement to report the date of birth of the newly hired employe if the employer is unable to provide it.
DWD 42.04 Multi-state employers. (1) REPORTING OPTIONS. Multi-state employers may choose to do either of the following:
(a) Report only the newly hired employes working in the state of Wisconsin as described in s. DWD 42.03 and report employes not working in Wisconsin to the respective states in which they work.
(b) Report all newly hired employes to a single state in which the multi-state employer has at least one employe working, regardless of where the other employes work. If the multi-state employer chooses Wisconsin as the single state to which it reports, that employer must use the electronic filing format. In addition to containing all the data elements in s. DWD 42.03(1), the electronically filed report for any newly hired employe not working in Wisconsin must also include the state in which the employe will work. Report due dates are the same as those provided in s. DWD 42.03(3).
(2) FEDERAL NOTICE. Employers reporting under the option in sub. (1)(b) must submit a written notice to the secretary of the federal department of health and human services informing him or her of which state has been selected for new hire reporting.
(3) REPORT FORMATS. The information to be supplied and the format used by multi-state employers to file new hire reports may vary according to the requirements of the state to which the new hire reports are being filed.
DWD 42.05 Penalties. (1) Any person who violates any provision of this rule may be subject to the penalties provided under s. 103.05, Stats. No penalty may be imposed unless the person has been notified of the violation and has been provided with an opportunity to correct the violation.
(2) Pursuant to s. 103.005(10), Stats., if a penalty is imposed it shall be subject to review in the manner provided in ch. 227, Stats.
Notice of Submission of Proposed Rules to the Presiding Officer of each House of the Legislature, Under S. 227.19, Stats.
Please check the Bulletin of Proceedings for further information on a particular rule.
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (CR 99-168):
Chs. ATCP 10, 11 and 12 - Relating to animal diseases, animal movement and livestock markets, dealers and truckers.
Barbering and Cosmetology Examining Board (CR 00-19):
Ch. BC 5 - Relating to theory hours conducted by the school outside of the classroom.
Employe Trust Funds (CR 00-43):
Ch. ETF 50 - Relating to eligible applicants for disability benefits.
Employe Trust Funds (CR 00-62):
S. ETF 10.60 (2) and (3) - Relating to electronic reporting for the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS).
Financial Institutions-Banking, -Savings Banks and -Savings and Loans (CR 00-45):
Chs. DFI-Bkg 4, DFI-SB 19 and DFI-SL 21 - Relating to financial subsidiaries.
Workforce Development (CR 99-163):
Chs. DWD 100, 101, 102, 110, 111, 126, 127, 128, 129, 132, 135, 140 and 149 - Relating to a limited waiver of the work search requirement, ability to work and availability for work and various minor changes relating to unemployment insurance.
Workforce Development (CR 00-46):
SS. DWD 270.085 and 272.085 - Relating to student worklike activities that do not constitute employment.
Administrative Rules Filed With The
Revisor Of Statutes Bureau
The following administrative rules have been filed with the Revisor of Statutes Bureau and are in the process of being published. The date assigned to each rule is the projected effective date. It is possible that the publication of these rules could be delayed. Contact the Revisor of Statutes Bureau at (608) 266-7275 for updated information on the effective dates for the listed rules.
Commerce (CR 00-9):
An order affecting chs. Comm 2, 5, 82 and 84, relating to program revenue fees.
Effective 09-01-00.
Revenue (CR 00-23):
An order creating s. Tax 2.32, relating to defining “gross receipts" for the recycling surcharge.
Effective 09-01-00.
Veterans Affairs (CR 00-41):
An order affecting ss. VA 2.01 and 12.02 and creating ch. VA 15, relating to the health care aid grant program, to the personal loan program and to grants to federally-recognized American Indian tribes and bands.
Effective 08-01-00.
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